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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » UltraLite - C and C++ Programming » Developing UltraLite Applications for Symbian OS » Introduction to Symbian OS development

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Choosing how to link the runtime library

Two sets of library files are provided for UltraLite support for Symbian OS. These libraries are located in install-dir\ultralite\Symbian\winscw\ and install-dir\ultralite\Symbian\thumb\.

Both the static and dynamic UltraLite libraries use the Symbian OS "Thread Local Storage" technique to store static data in a DLL. This means that both libraries can only be used in a DLL environment. If the database application is a GUI application under the Symbian OS, the APP target type is just a special type of DLL. This means developers can link their application with either the static UltraLite runtime libraries (ulrt.lib and ulbase.lib), or the dynamic UltraLite runtime library (ulimp.lib).

If the developer is writing a console application, which has target type of EXE under the Symbian OS, the application can only be linked with the dynamic version of the UltraLite runtime library (ulimp.lib). In this case, remember to copy ulrt10.dll file to the emulator directory and the actual device.