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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 Support Package 3 » SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0


Task syntax

dbcloudcmd run task-name parameters
CALL DBCloud.task-name parameters
Parameters Description
value1 value2 value3 value4...

Specify the value of each parameter in order including optional parameters. For example:

dbcloudcmd -cc run CreateServer host-name install-version-number page-size server-options
requiredvalue1 requiredvalue2...

Specify the value of the required parameters in order, and omit the optional parameters to use their defaults. For example:

dbcloudcmd run CreateServer host-name
parameter1=value1 parameter2=value2 parameter3=value3 parameter4=value4

Specify the name and value of each parameter including optional parameters.

dbcloudcmd run BackupDatabase database=database1 backupdir=c:\backups\database1 log_only=1 
requiredparameter1=value1 requiredparameter2=value2

Specify the name and value of the required parameters, and omit the optional parameters to use their defaults

requiredvalue1...requiredvalueN... optionalparameter=value...

Specify a combination of parameter values and parameter names and values. Start with values only, specified in order, and once a parameter is skipped, specify the parameter name=value pair for the remaining parameters. Default values are used for optional parameters that are omitted. For example:

dbcloudcmd run BackupDatabase database1 c:\backups\database1 log_only=1 

AddScaleOutDatabaseCopy task
AlterBackupCopy task
AlterCloud task
AlterCloudIdentity task
AlterDatabase task
AlterHost task
AlterMaintenancePlan task
AlterRule task
AlterSchedule task
AlterServer task
AlterServerVersionOnRestart task
AlterTag task
AlterUser task
ApplyMaintenancePlan task
ApplyTag task
CancelTask task
CheckForCrashReports task
CheckRule task
CleanCloud task
CleanCloudTrustedCertificate task
CleanStagingDirectories task
ConvertCloudPartnerToServer task
ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy task
ConvertScaleOutDatabaseCopyToMirror task
ConvertServerToCloudPartner task
CopyCloudSoftware task
CopyDirectory task
CopyFile task
CreateBackupCopy task
CreateDatabaseFromBackup task
CreateDatabaseFromBackupCopy task
CreateDirectory task
CreateExternalBackupCopy task
CreateFullBackup task
CreateIncrementalBackup task
CreateMaintenancePlan task
CreateRule task
CreateSchedule task
CreateServer task
CreateTag task
CreateUser task
DeleteBackup task
DeleteBackupCopy task
DeleteDirectory task
DeleteFile task
DeleteOldCloudTransactionLogs task
DiagnoseDatabase task
DiagnoseDatabaseCopy task
DiagnoseHost task
DiagnoseServer task
DisableConnections task
DropCloudSoftware task
DropDatabase task
DropHost task
DropMaintenancePlan task
DropMirrorDefinitions task
DropRule task
DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy task
DropSchedule task
DropServer task
DropTag task
DropUser task
EnableConnections task
ExecuteTaskBatch task
ExecuteTenantBatch task
FailoverToCloudPartner task
FailoverToMirror task
ForgetBackup task
ForgetBackupCopy task
ForgetDatabase task
ForgetDatabaseCopy task
ForgetHost task
ForgetServer task
GenerateDiagnosticLog task
GenerateTopologyFile task
GetCPUTopology task
InstallCloudSoftware task
LoadBalanceDatabases task
MeasureCPUPerformance task
MeasureIOPerformance task
MoveBackupCopy task
MoveDatabase task
MoveDatabaseCopy task
MoveDirectory task
MoveFile task
Ping task
RemoveTag task
RenameCloudTransactionLog task
RepairDatabase task
RepairDatabaseCopy task
RepairHost task
RepairServer task
RestoreBackup task
RestoreBackupCopy task
SendDistributionEmail task
SendTestEmail task
SendUserEmail task
SetArbiter task
SetCloudArbiter task
SetDefaultMaintenancePlan task
SetEventDismissed task
SetServerLoggingOption task
SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword task
StartDatabase task
StartDatabaseCopy task
StartServer task
StopCloud task
StopDatabase task
StopDatabaseCopy task
StopServer task
SubmitCrashReports task
SyncUsage task
TransferFiles task
UninstallCloudSoftware task
UpgradeCloudInfrastructure task
UpgradeDatabase task
ValidateBackupCopy task
Internal tasks