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Stopping tenant database mirroring (Cloud console)

Stop tenant database mirroring.


You must have the AlterTenantMirroring, DropDatabase, and StartStopDatabase privileges

Context and remarks

Removing the mirroring configuration from a tenant database involves stopping and dropping the mirror so that the database no longer runs in a mirroring system.

If the tenant database has scale-out database copies, the read-only scale-out configuration is intact.

  1. In the Cloud Console, navigate to the Mirror & Scale-out panel of the tenant database.

  2. Click Stop mirroring.


The mirror database is deleted, and the read-write database that is running as the primary database is no longer involved in a mirroring system.


The following commands stop tenant database mirroring.

dbcloudcmd -cc uid=dbtest;pwd=sql;host=h1 run ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy asatest@h2#1
dbcloudcmd -cc uid=dbtest;pwd=sql;host=h1 run StopDatabaseCopy asatest@h2#1
dbcloudcmd -cc uid=dbtest;pwd=sql;host=h1 run DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy asatest@h2#1
dbcloudcmd -cc uid=dbtest;pwd=sql;host=h1 run SetArbiter asatest NULL

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