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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

AlterHost task

Changes the parameters of a host.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.AlterHost ( host=host [, optional-parameters ] )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run AlterHost host [ optional-parameters ]
  • host

    The host to alter. Accepts a search query that identifies one host, for example a host name or ID. (Required)

  • tcp_ports

    The TCP/IP port ranges separated by commas. The default is the current value.

  • http_ports

    The HTTP port ranges separated by commas. The default is the current value.

  • https_ports

    The HTTPS port ranges separated by commas. The default is the current value.

  • use_static_tcpip_addresses

    Set to 1 to use the static TCP/IP addresses stored for the host. The default is the current value.

  • static_tcpip_addresses

    A comma-separated list of static IP addresses for this host. The default is the current value.

  • allow_backups

    Set to 0 to prevent database backups from being stored on the host. Set to 1 to allow backups to be stored on the host. The default is the current value.

  • description

    The description of the host, in quotes. The default is the current value.

  • object_etag

    Internal use only. The default is NULL.

  • object_updated

    The last time the object was modified. If provided, the task fails if the object has changed since the specified time. The default is NULL.

Conditional privileges

AddHost, DropHost, InstallUpdateSoftware

  • tcp_ports, http_ports, https_ports parameters

    These parameters change the port range for the specified host. If there are cloud servers running on the host when you attempt to change the port number, the task fails.

    Cloud servers that do not specify a port for TCP/IP, HTTP, or HTTPS use a port from the host's port range. Cloud servers that have a specified port use that port when they start, even if it is not in the host's port range. If the host's port range is not specified (NULL), then the corresponding port range from the cloud is used.

  • allow_backups

    This parameter cannot be set to 0 if the host is named in a maintenance plan.

  • object_updated

    To ensure that you are not over-writing another user's changes, run dbcloudcmd -v describe task to get the time the cloud was last modified. Specify this value as the object_updated parameter. If the cloud has been altered since the specified time, then the task fails with an error. If this occurs, run the task again after re-running dbcloudcmd -v describe task.


Run the following task to change the port ranges for the host called mynewhost:

dbcloudcmd run AlterHost host=mynewhost tcp_ports="6800-6810" http_ports="8080-8090" https_ports="4400-4410"