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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Cloud administration

Enabling high availability for the cloud (Cloud Console)

Enable high availability to ensure that your cloud is always available by creating a cloud partner server and a cloud arbiter server.


You must have the AlterCloud privilege.

You must have three separate servers running on three separate hosts in the cloud. The cloud partners cannot run on the same host as each other, or the cloud arbiter.

Both cloud partners must comply with the cloud partner requirements.


When a cloud server is converted to a cloud partner or cloud arbiter, the TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTTPS ports that the cloud server is using at the time of conversion become fixed and remain the same for the life of the cloud.

Converting a cloud server to a cloud partner or cloud arbiter can result in the cloud being temporarily unavailable. While the cloud server is being configured, you cannot access the Cloud Console.

There can only be two cloud partners defined in the cloud.


  1. In the Cloud Console, on the Overview panel, click Configure high availability.
  2. Configure high availability for the cloud:
    1. In the Partner servers field, choose a server to be a cloud partner.
    2. In the Arbiter server field, choose a server to be the cloud arbiter.
    3. Click Finish.


High availability is enabled in the cloud.