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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Tenant databases

Balancing database load on cloud servers

Load balance the tenant databases in your cloud to redistribute database copies running on overloaded cloud servers to cloud servers that have less activity.


You must have the MoveDatabase privilege.

Load balancing cannot move the following database copies:

  • The read-write database copy in a read-only scale-out system.

  • The mirror database copy if the primary is not running.

  • The primary database copy if:

    • There is more than one copy for the database.

    • There is a mirror and both the primary and mirror are not running.


Use load balancing when you want the cloud to select the appropriate cloud servers for the tenant database copies.

If one or more of your cloud servers is overloaded, then the performance of your cloud can be negatively affected.

Load balancing primary and mirror database copies can cause tenant connections to be dropped. Moving database copies can put extra load on the tenant databases involved.


  1. In the Cloud Console, navigate to the cloud Overview panel.
  2. Click Load balance databases and follow the instructions.


The specified database copies are moved in a way to avoid overloaded cloud servers where possible. If the load is already balanced and all of the copies specified are located on the specified target cloud servers, then nothing is moved.