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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Users and privileges

Privileges list

There are several privileges you can assign to users in the cloud:

Privilege Allows the user to
AddDatabase Add databases to the cloud.
AddHost Add hosts to the cloud.
AddRemoveTag Add tags to and delete tags from cloud objects.
Administrator Allow users to perform any task. A user with Administrator privilege is similar to the Database Administrator (DBA) user of a tenant database.
AlterCloud Alter the cloud.
AlterEvent Alter the dismissal status of an event.
AlterTenantMirroring Alter database mirroring or read-only scale-out configuration.
BackupDatabase Create, drop, and move database backups.
CreateDropRule Create, drop, and alter rules.
CreateDropServer Create and drop cloud servers.
CreateDropTag Create, drop, and alter tags.
CreateDropTask For internal use only.
CreateDropUser Create, drop, and alter cloud users.
DelegatePrivilege Grant another user one or more of the privileges that you have.
DropDatabase Drop databases from the cloud.
DropHost Drop hosts from the cloud.
ExecuteSQL Execute SQL statements on the cloud as well as on databases. Restrict the ExecuteSQL privilege only to users who require it. This privilege is powerful.
ExecuteSystemCommand Execute tasks that launch processes and executables. Restrict the ExecuteSystemCommand privilege only to users who require it. This privilege is powerful.
ExtractDatabase Extract tenant databases from the cloud.
GetBillingData Use and query the tenant billing web procedure.
InstallHost Download and install software for a host.
InstallUpdateSoftware Install, uninstall, and update the cloud software on a host.
ManageCloud For internal use only
ManageSystemResources Execute tasks that can create, copy, delete, or move general files from one host and from one host to another. Restrict the ManageSystemResources privilege only to users who require it. This privilege is powerful.
ManageUserPrivilege Grant and revoke the privileges of other users.
MoveDatabase Move databases from one cloud server to another.
RestoreDatabase Restore database backups.
RunScheduleTask Run tasks, including scheduled tasks, as well as create and alter scheduled tasks.
SendEmail Send email.
StartStopDatabase Start and stop databases.
StartStopHost Start and stop cloud hosts.
StartStopServer Start and stop cloud servers.
StopCloud Stop the cloud.