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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Database billing metrics

Tenant billing web procedure

The tenant billing web procedure retrieves the summary report of billing metrics from the cloud.

Syntax 1 - Cloud Command utility
dbcloudcmd download "op/billing?[ options ]" filename
Syntax 2 - Web procedure
https://host-name:port-number/dbcloud/op/billing?[ options ]
Option Description
resolution=[ hour | day | week | month ] The billing period unit (required).
start=[ date | timestamp ] A start date and/or timestamp (optional). If not specified, the procedure retrieves all billing information up to the stop time.
stop=[ date | timestamp ] The last date and/or timestamp (optional). If not specified, the procedure retrieves all billing information since the start time.
database= database-name The name of the database to generate a report for (optional). If not specified, the procedure generates reports for all databases.
tag= tag-name Generates reports only for databases with the specified tag (optional).
format=[ csv | xml ] The format of the billing summary report (required).
filename Outputs billing report to the specified file (required) (Cloud Command utility only).

You must have the GetBillingData privilege.


Web procedure options are delimited with an ampersand.

Use exact timestamps. For example, to get billing information up to and including October 12, 2012, specify the stop time as follows:

stop='2012-10-12T 23:59:59'&resolution=hour&format=CSV


Calling the following web procedure returns a billing summary report in .csv file format that includes hourly based billing metrics for tenants with the tag Northeast, for the period from December 31, 2010 to December 31, 2011.


To download the same billing summary report to a local directory using the Cloud Command utility, run the following command:

dbcloudcmd download "op/billing?start=2010-12-31&stop=2011-12-31&tag=Northeast&resolution=hour&format=CSV"