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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy task

Converts a mirror database in a tenant mirroring system to a scale-out database copy.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy ( databasecopy=databasecopy )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy databasecopy
  • databasecopy

    The mirror database copy. Accepts a database copy name, ID, or a search query that returns a database copy. (Required)

Required privileges



This task converts the specified mirror database copy to a scale-out database copy. The database is no longer a partner in the tenant mirroring system, but continues to run as a scale-out database copy.

ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy results in restarting the tenant database. This task may complete before the database is restarted.

To convert the primary database to a scale-out database copy, you must first run the FailoverToMirror task to switch the primary and mirror roles, and then run the ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy task.

Use the following format to specify the mirror database copy:



The following command converts the mirror database copy of the tenant mydatabase running on cloud server my-server#3 to a scale-out database copy:

dbcloudcmd run ConvertMirrorToScaleOutDatabaseCopy databasecopy=mydatabase@my-server#3