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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

CopyFile task

Copies an existing file to a new file.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.CopyFile ( source_filename=source_filename, target_filename=target_filename, host=host )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run CopyFile source_filename target_filename host
  • source_filename

    The file to copy. (Required)

  • target_filename

    The name of new file. (Required)

  • host

    The host the file is copied to. Accepts a search query that identifies one host, for example a host name or ID. (Required)

Required privileges



This task copies an existing file to a new file.

Note Linux specificThe permission of the target file or directory is not maintained by the task. The mode is defaulted to 0777 for the directory and 0644 for the file, and will be modified by the process's umask in the usual way.


Run the following task to copy the file c:\bbb.txt to the file c:\ccc.txt, on hostA:

dbcloudcmd run CopyFile "c:\bbb.txt" "c:\ccc.txt" hostA