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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

CreateDatabaseFromBackup task

Creates a new database by restoring a backup of an existing tenant database.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.CreateDatabaseFromBackup ( backup=backup, database_name=database_name, server=server [, optional-parameters ] )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run CreateDatabaseFromBackup backup database_name server [ optional-parameters ]
  • backup

    The ID of the backup to restore. (Required)

  • database_name

    The name of the new database. The name must be unique within the cloud. (Required)

  • server

    The target cloud server. Accepts a search query that identifies one cloud server, for example a cloud server name or ID. (Required)

  • include_latest_log

    Set to 1 to include the latest transaction log from the database. The default is 0.

  • database

    An output parameter. Internal use only.

Required privileges

RestoreDatabase, AddDatabase


The backup parameter accepts a backup ID. To view a list of all backup IDs in the cloud, run the following:

dbcloudcmd describe type:backup

The following search restricts the list of backup IDs to those created after a specific date/time:

dbcloudcmd describe "type:backup and creation_time > '2012-05-02T14:20:00-04:00'"

This task creates a new database by using either a full or incremental backup. If there is more than one copy of the backup, one is chosen randomly.

All relevant backup files are copied to the host where the specified cloud server is running and the new database is created and started on that cloud server.

The database that the backup belongs to is not modified.

This task is similar to the RestoreBackup task. Both tasks restore a backup, but RestoreBackup replaces the database whose backup it is restoring and requires that database be stopped. Restoring a backup is useful when a database has become corrupted or data has been lost, and you want to restore the database to a previous state. CreateDatabaseFromBackup does not require the database to be stopped and creates a new database that is an exact copy of the original database at the time of the specified backup. This task can be used to create a temporary copy of a database that can be modified without affecting the existing database.


Run the following task to restore the backup with the ID BP-a5v5 and start it on the cloud server my-server#3 as the database with the name myDBnew:

dbcloudcmd run CreateDatabaseFromBackup backup=BP-a5v5 database_name=myDBnew server=my-server#3