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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

CreateIncrementalBackup task

Creates an incremental backup of a database.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.CreateIncrementalBackup ( database_list=database_list [, optional-parameters ] )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run CreateIncrementalBackup database_list [ optional-parameters ]
  • backup

    An output parameter. Internal use only.

  • database_list

    A list of databases to back up. Accepts a search query that identifies databases. The search query can be a list of database names or IDs separated by semicolons (;), or a full search. (Required)

  • validation_type

    The type of validation. The default is 'X'.

    The following values are supported:

    • D

      Validate that all pages in the database belong to the correct object, perform a checksum validation, and validate the correctness of indexes.

    • F

      Perform a full validation.

    • S

      Perform a checksum validation.

    • X

      Perform an express validation.

    • N

      Do not perform validation.

  • expiration_date

    The date that the backup expires (i.e. the earliest date it can be automatically deleted). Not specifying this parameter means the date will be calculated based on the database's maintenance plan, while specifying NULL means that there will be no expiry date. The default is to use the date calculated using the maintenance plan.

Required privileges



This task creates an incremental backup of a database that includes only the transaction log file. The transaction log file is renamed and truncated so that the next incremental backup only contains changes made since this backup. The backup is stored on the same host as the most recent full backup of the database.

Incremental backups can only be done on databases that are currently running, except for databases that are marked as autostart. Autostart databases will be started, backed up, and then stopped.

In certain cases, execution of this task may result in a full backup being created rather than an incremental backup. These cases are:

  • If no full backup exists for the specified database.

  • If an incremental backup was deleted since the most recent full backup.

  • If the database was moved (while running) since the most recent full backup.

If any form of validation is requested, there must be a cloud server capable of running the database on the specified host. If no validation is requested, no running cloud server is required.


Run the following task to create incremental backups of all of the databases running on the host myhost. The backups are fully validated.

dbcloudcmd run CreateIncrementalBackup database_list="host:myhost and status:running" validation_type=F