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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Troubleshooting and additional resources

Viewing diagnostic information for the cloud (dbmanageetd)

Examine diagnostic information by using the ETD File Management utility (dbmanageetd) to look for the cause of errors in the cloud.


You must have the AlterCloud privilege.


If you do not download the diagnostic log to a local file, the nightly CleanStagingDirectories task deletes the diagnostic log, and you must regenerate the diagnostic log to view it again.


  1. Run the following command to generate the diagnostic log and to obtain the cloud ID of the directory it can be found in:
    dbcloudcmd run GenerateDiagnosticLog
  2. Find the value of the out argument staging_dir. For example:
    staging_dir SD-j5w5

    Use the value of staging_dir to construct a command similar to the following. For example, running this command downloads the diagnostic log file merged.etd to the local file diagnostic-log.etd.

    dbcloudcmd download /dbcloud/StagingDirectories(SD-j5w5)/filename(merged.etd) diagnostic-log.etd
  3. Run the dbmanageetd utility to view the contents of the diagnostic log in text format. For example:
    dbmanageetd -hostname diagnostic-log.etd -o diagnostic-log.txt

    Open the file in a text editor. If the output format for your file is ASCII or XML, ensure that your editor can interpret the file as UTF-8.


The diagnostic log is generated and downloaded to a local file.