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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy task

Drops a scale-out database copy.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy ( databasecopy=databasecopy )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy databasecopy
  • databasecopy

    The scale-out database copy to drop. Accepts a scale-out database copy name, ID, or search that returns a scale-out database copy. The scale-out database copy must be stopped. (Required)

Required privileges

DropDatabase, AlterTenantMirroring


This task deletes the specified scale-out database copy along with its transaction log, dbspace files, and backups.

To drop the mirror database, you must first convert it to a scale-out database copy.

Use the following format to specify a database copy:



Run the following task to drop the scale-out database copy of the database mydatabase that is located on the cloud server myserver#3:

dbcloudcmd run DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy databasecopy=mydatabase@myserver#3

Run the following task to drop the stopped scale-out copy of the database db1 located on the cloud server my-server#2:

dbcloudcmd run DropScaleOutDatabaseCopy database=db1 and server=my-server#2