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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Search queries » Cloud object attributes

MaintPlanExecution attributes

MaintPlanExecution attributes describe a single execution of a maintenance plan in the cloud.

Attribute name Description

A unique ID identifying the object within the cloud.


The object type.

The following values are supported:

  • Object

    All cloud objects.

  • AgentAction

    An agent action.

  • Backup

    A backup.

  • Cloud

    The cloud.

  • Database

    A database.

  • DatabaseCopy

    A copy of a database.

  • DataType

    Internal use only.

  • Event

    An event.

  • EventType

    An event type.

  • Filter

    A filter.

  • Host

    A host.

  • MaintenancePlan

    A maintenance plan.

  • Rule

    A rule.

  • Schedule

    A schedule.

  • Server

    A cloud server.

  • StagingDirectory

    A staging directory.

  • Tag

    A tag.

  • Task

    A task.

  • TaskDefinition

    A task definition.

  • User

    A cloud user.

  • InstallImage

    Internal use only.

  • BackupCopy

    A copy of a backup.

  • MaintPlanExecution

    An execution of a maintenance plan.

  • MaintPlanExecutionDetail

    A database backup from a maintenance plan.


The relative URI to this object.


A GUID that uniquely identifies the object across all clouds.


The object status.

The following values are supported:


    The object has not been deleted.


    The object is in the process of being created or deleted.


    The object has been deleted. The information about the object is retained for historical purposes for a period of time.


The object name.


The time (with time zone) when the object was created.


The time (with time zone) when the object was last modified.


A relative URI to the feed containing objects of this type.


The ID of the task currently modifying the object, or NULL.


The title of the object. For object types with a name, this is the same as the object_name attributes. For other types such as Event, Backup, and Task, the title attribute is set to a human-readable string generated to be short (one line).


A description of the object. For object types that support a user-edited description, this is the user-edited description. For other types such as Event, Backup and Task, this is a longer descriptive string (one or more paragraphs).


The identifier of the maintenance plan being executed.


The date/time of the beginning of the execution.


The date/time of the end of the execution.


The number of seconds from the beginning of maintenance plan execution until the last database backup completed.


Set to 1 if all of the ExecutionDetail objects associated with this execution succeeded. Set to 0 if any failed.


The total size in bytes of all of the backups created by this maintenance plan.


The name of the maintenance plan being executed.