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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

MoveDatabase task

Moves a database from one cloud server to another.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.MoveDatabase ( database=database, server=server [, optional-parameters ] )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run MoveDatabase database server [ optional-parameters ]
  • database

    The database to move. Accepts a search query that identifies one database, for example a database name or ID. The database cannot be part of a mirroring or read-only scale-out system. (Required)

  • server

    The cloud server to move the database to. Accepts a search query that identifies one cloud server, for example a cloud server name or ID. The version of the server must be equal to or greater than the cloud server currently associated with the database. (Required)

  • move_method

    The method to use when moving the database. Accepts NULL or a comma-delimited list of the following values: online, offline, and mirroring. The default is NULL.

Required privileges


  • move_method parameter

    The move_method parameter is an unordered comma-delimited list of methods the task can use to move the specified database. The default value, NULL, is equivalent to a comma-delimited list of all available methods (mirroring,online,offline), and it allows the task to choose the most appropriate method for the specified database.

    • mirroring

      Specifying mirroring as the move_method sets a temporary arbiter server, if necessary, and creates a scale-out database copy for the database on the target cloud server. This scale-out database copy is converted to a mirror database, the original database copy is dropped, and the arbiter setting is removed, if necessary. This method requires at least three running cloud servers, but causes the least downtime. Do not specify this method to move an autostart database.

    • online

      Specifying online for the move_method transfers the database files and disables connections, and then transfers the transaction log.

    • offline

      If the database is not running and offline is specified for the move_method, the files are moved to the specified cloud server.

This task moves a database that is not part of a mirroring or read-only scale-out system. To move a database copy that is part of a mirroring or read-only scale-out system, use the MoveDatabaseCopy task.

Connections to the database can be temporarily disabled or dropped.


Run the following task to move the database mydatabase to the cloud server my-server#3:

dbcloudcmd run MoveDatabase database=mydatabase server="my-server#3"

Run the following task to move the database my_db to the cloud server my-server#2:

dbcloudcmd run MoveDatabase database=my_db server=my-server#2 move_method=mirroring