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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Search queries

Search queries and rules

When creating a rule, use a search query to specify the rule conditions.

When a rule is evaluated, the cloud searches for objects that violate the search query. If there are no objects found, then the rule is satisfied.

Strict rules

The definition for a strict rule is limited to the following subset of search syntax:

  • filter
  • not filter
  • filter or filter [or filter]
  • filter and filter [and filter]
  • Hosts and cloud servers

    Strict rules applied to hosts and cloud servers only permit a tag filter. The tag filter can specify a single identifier or a name pattern (containing wildcards), optionally enclosed with double quotes or square brackets, or a list of identifiers or name patterns, separated by semicolons.

  • Databases

    Strict rules for databases support three link filter types: tag, server, and host. You can use only one link filter type per strict rule. Unlike weak rules or search queries, a link filter for a strict rule cannot be composed from general search syntax, but can specify either a (quoted) identifier, a (quoted) name pattern, or a tag filter.

Weak rules

The link filter for a weak rule can be composed from general search syntax.


The following command creates a weak rule that restricts both the database with the ID DB-j7w5 and its backups from existing on a host that has the tag UK.

dbcloudcmd run CreateRule 0 "database_copy:(host:(tag:UK)) or backup:(host:(tag:UK))" Database Db-j7w5