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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Task syntax

SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword task

Specifies a password and user ID for a database added to the cloud with incorrect credentials.

Syntax 1 (SQL)
CALL DBCloud.SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword ( database=database, user_name=user_name, password=password )
Syntax 2 (Cloud Command utility)
dbcloudcmd run SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword database user_name password
  • database

    The database that the password is specified for. Accepts a search query that identifies one database, for example a database name or ID. (Required)

  • user_name

    The user ID for a database user with DBA authority. (Required)

  • password

    The password of the user with DBA authority. (Required)

Required privileges



When you add a database to the cloud, you must specify a user ID and password for a database user with DBA authority. The user ID and password are used to connect to the database and prepare it for use in the cloud. If you specified an incorrect user ID and password, then your database is not prepared and it has the status waiting_for_uid_pwd.

The SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword task prepares the database for use in the cloud and adds the database to the cloud.

After the database has been added, the cloud always uses this user ID with a secure token to connect to the tenant database to perform such tasks as backing up the database, validating backups, and restoring the database from a backup. Do not delete this user from the database. You can change or drop the user password in the database. This user must always have DBA authority.


If a database was added to the cloud with incorrect password, it can be started and made accessible by running the following command:

dbcloudcmd run SpecifyDatabaseUserAndPassword database=my_db user_name=my_dba password=my_dba_pwd