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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition 1.0 SP 6 » Software packages and upgrades

What's new in SP 5

Several new features and behavior changes are introduced in version 1.0 SP 5.

Usage tracking for the cloud

Previously, the cloud partners had to connect to the Usage Server daily to upload usage information to SAP.

Now, the cloud still uploads general usage information to SAP. However, these uploads are no longer used to verify licensing for the cloud. If the cloud is unable to upload usage information it can still run normally but a warning is displayed.

Licensing in the cloud

Previously, the cloud used the Usage Server to manage cloud licenses. Now, the cloud manages licensing using the Cloud Console.

A cloud running with more active cores than it is licensed for enters a probationary state. If the number of cores is not reduced within 24 hours, then the cloud enters reduced-functionality mode until the licensing discrepancy is resolved.


Perpetual licenses for clouds that were running on versions earlier than SP 5 and that were registered on the Usage Server must be manually added to the cloud after upgrading to SP 5 using the AddLicenses task.

  • Cloud tasks and utilities affected by these enhancements The following changes were made to support this feature:
    • GetLicenses task Lists licenses used by the cloud.
    • AddLicenses task Adds one or more license key(s) to the cloud.
    • RemoveLicenses task Removes one or more license key(s) from the cloud.
FIPS encryption limited to specific SQL Anywhere versions

Clouds using FIPS encryption can no longer add hosts that use a version of SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 earlier than build 3994 or a version of SQL Anywhere 16.0.0 earlier than build 1691.

As of Support Package 4, the cloud uses OpenSSL rather than Certicom encryption. FIPS certificates are not compatible between Certicom and OpenSSL encryptions, therefore a cloud using FIPS encryption cannot support SQL Anywhere database servers that use Certicom encryption.

Downloading cloud software

Previously cloud software was provided automatically through an updating mechanism built into the Cloud Console. Automatic updating is no longer available. To update the cloud you must download the cloud software from the SAP Service Marketplace and save it to your primary partner before adding it to your cloud.

  • Cloud tasks and utilities affected by these enhancements The following changes were made to support this feature.
    • AddCloudSoftwareFromFile task Adds cloud software to the cloud. The cloud software package file must be located on the cloud primary partner.
Deprecated and discontinued features

Some features have been deprecated or discontinued in SP 5.

  • Discontinued: SyncUsage task

    Support for the SyncUsage task has been discontinued. Usage information is now automatically sent to SAP.