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Language Selection utility (dblang)

Reports and changes the registry settings that control the languages used by SQL Anywhere and Sybase Central.


dblang [options] language-code

Option Description
-q Run in quiet mode—do not print messages.
Language code Language
EN English
DE German
ES Spanish
FR French
IT Italian
JA Japanese
KO Korean
LT Lithuanian
PL Polish
PT Portuguese
RU Russian
TW Traditional Chinese
UK Ukrainian
ZH Simplified Chinese

The utility is installed only when the International Resources Deployment Kit (IRDK) is selected during installation.

Running the dblang utility without a language code reports the current settings. These settings are as follows:

Exit codes are 0 (success) or non-zero (failure). See Software component exit codes.

This utility does not accept the @data parameter to read in options from a configuration file.

If you are using the fast launchers, changes to language settings are not detected by Sybase Central or Interactive SQL. In order for the new language settings to take affect in these tools, you must disable their fast launchers (Choose Tools > Options, and then clear the checkmark next to Enable Fast Launcher on the General tab), change the language settings, restart the tool, and then re-enable the fast launchers.

See also

If you selected the International Resources Deployment Kit (IRDK) during installation, the following command displays a dialog box containing the current settings:

The dblang dialog showing the current language keys.

The following command changes the settings to French, and displays a dialog containing the previous and new settings:

dblang FR