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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » SQL Anywhere Server - Database Administration » Transport-Layer Security » Encrypting MobiLink client/server communications

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Starting the MobiLink server with transport-layer security

To start the MobiLink server with transport-layer security, supply the server certificate and the password protecting the server's private key.

For an overview of the steps required to set up transport-layer security, see Setting up transport-layer security.

Securing the MobiLink server over TCP/IP and HTTPS

Use the mlsrv10 -x server option to specify certificate and certificate_password parameters. Following is a partial mlsrv10 command line (which must be written on one line):

-x protocol(
{ y | n };
password;... )

See -x option.


The following example specifies the type of security (RSA), the server certificate, and the password protecting the server's private key on the mlsrv10 command line:

mlsrv10 -c "dsn=my_cons"
 -x tls(tls_type=rsa;certificate=c:\test\serv_rsa1.crt;certificate_password=pwd)

The following example specifies an ECC certificate on the mlsrv10 command line:

mlsrv10 -c "dsn=my_cons"
 -x tls(tls_type=ecc;certificate=c:\test\serv_ecc1.crt;certificate_password=pwd)

For more information about the mlsrv10 -x option, see -x option.

For more information about creating the server certificate, in this case serv1.crt, see Creating digital certificates.

You can hide the command line options using a configuration file and the File Hiding utility (dbfhide). See @data option.