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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » SQL Anywhere Server - Database Administration » Connection Parameters and Network Protocol Options

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Network protocol options

Network protocol options (for both the client and the server) enable you to work around peculiarities of different network protocol implementations.

You can supply the network protocol options in the server command. For example:

dbsrv10 -x tcpip(PARM1=value1;PARM2=value2;. . .),SPX

From the client side, you enter the protocol options as the CommLinks (LINKS) connection parameter:

CommLinks=tcpip(PARM1=value1;PARM2=value2;. . .),SPX

If there are spaces in a parameter, the network protocol options must be enclosed in quotation marks to be parsed properly by the system command interpreter:

dbsrv10 -x "tcpip(PARM1=value 1;PARM2=value 2;...),SPX"
CommLinks="tcpip(PARM1=value 1;PARM2=value 2;...),SPX"

The quotation marks are also required under Unix if more than one parameter is given because Unix interprets the semicolon as a command separator.

Boolean parameters are turned on with YES, Y, ON, TRUE, T, or 1, and are turned off with any of NO, N, OFF, FALSE, F, and 0. The parameters are case insensitive.

The examples provided should all be entered on a single line; you can also include them in a configuration file and use the @ server option to invoke the configuration file.

TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SPX protocol options

The options currently available for TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SPX are as follows.

Broadcast [BCAST] Certificate BroadcastListener [BLISTENER]
BroadcastListener [BLISTENER] Certificate_Password DLL
ClientPort [CPORT] DatabaseName [DBN] DoBroadcast [DOBROAD]
DLL KeepaliveTimeout [KTO] ExtendedName [ENAME]
DoBroadcast [DOBROAD] LocalOnly [LOCAL] Host [IP]
Host [IP] LogFile [LOG] RegisterBindery [REGBIN]
LocalOnly [LOCAL] LogMaxSize [LSize] SearchBindery [BINSEARCH]
LDAP [LDAP] LogOptions [LOpt] Timeout [TO]
MyIP [ME] LogFormat [LF]
ReceiveBufferSize [RCVBUFSZ] MaxConnections [MaxConn]
SendBufferSize [SNDBUFSZ] MaxRequestSize [MaxSize]
ServerPort [PORT] MyIP [ME]
TDS ServerPort [PORT]
Timeout [TO] Timeout [TO]
VerifyServerName [VERIFY]

Broadcast protocol option [BCAST]
BroadcastListener protocol option [BLISTENER]
Certificate protocol option
Certificate_Password protocol option
ClientPort protocol option [CPORT]
DatabaseName protocol option [DBN]
DLL protocol option
DoBroadcast protocol option [DOBROAD]
ExtendedName protocol option [ENAME]
Host protocol option [IP]
KeepaliveTimeout protocol option [KTO]
LDAP protocol option [LDAP]
LocalOnly protocol option [LOCAL]
LogFile protocol option [LOG]
LogFormat protocol option [LF]
LogMaxSize protocol option [LSIZE]
LogOptions protocol option [LOPT]
MaxConnections protocol option [MAXCONN]
MaxRequestSize protocol option [MAXSIZE]
MyIP protocol option [ME]
ReceiveBufferSize protocol option [RCVBUFSZ]
RegisterBindery protocol option [REGBIN]
SearchBindery protocol option [BINSEARCH]
SendBufferSize protocol option [SNDBUFSZ]
ServerPort protocol option [PORT]
TDS protocol option
Timeout protocol option [TO]
VerifyServerName protocol option [VERIFY]