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Database options

This section lists all database options.

Option Values Default
allow_snapshot_isolation option [database] On, Off Off
auditing option [database] On, Off Off
auditing_options option [database]ReservedReserved
background_priority option [database] On, Off Off
blocking option [database] On, Off On
blocking_timeout option [database] Integer (in milliseconds) 0
checkpoint_time option [database] Number of minutes 60
cis_option option [database] 0, 7 0
cis_rowset_size option [database] Integer 50
collect_statistics_on_dml_updates option [database] On, Off On
conn_auditing option [database] On, Off On
connection_authentication option [database]StringEmpty string
cooperative_commit_timeout option [database] Integer (in milliseconds) 250
cooperative_commits option [database] On, Off On
database_authentication [database]StringEmpty string
debug_messages option [database] On, Off Off
dedicated_task option [database] On, Off Off
default_dbspace option [database]StringEmpty string (use the system dbspace)
default_timestamp_increment option [database] [MobiLink client] Integer (in microseconds from 1 to 1000000) 1
delayed_commit_timeout option [database] Integer (in milliseconds) 500
delayed_commits option [database] On, Off Off
encrypt_aes_random_iv option [database] On, Off On
exclude_operators option [database] Reserved Reserved
extended_join_syntax option [database] On, Off On
first_day_of_week option [database] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 7 (Sunday is the first day of the week)
for_xml_null_treatment option [database] Empty, Omit Omit
force_view_creation option [database] Reserved Reserved
global_database_id option [database] Integer 2147483647
http_session_timeout option [database]Integer30
integrated_server_name option [database] String NULL
java_location option [database]StringEmpty string
java_main_userid option [database]StringDefault DBA user
java_vm_options option [database]StringEmpty string
log_deadlocks option [database] On, Off Off
login_mode option [database] Standard, Integrated, Kerberos, Mixed (deprecated) Standard
login_procedure option [database] String sp_login_environment
materialized_view_optimization option [database]Disabled, Fresh, Stale, N { Minute[s] | Hour[s] | Day[s] | Week[s] | Month[s] }Stale
max_client_statements_cached option [database]Integer10
max_cursor_count option [database] Integer 50
max_plans_cached option [database] Integer 20
max_query_tasks option [database]Integer0
max_recursive_iterations option [database] Integer 100
max_statement_count option [database] Integer >=0 50
max_temp_space option [database]Integer [k|m|g|p]0
min_password_length option [database] Integer >=0 0 characters
odbc_describe_binary_as_varbinary [database] On, Off Off
odbc_distinguish_char_and_varchar option [database] On, Off Off
oem_string option [database]String (up to 128 bytes)Empty string
on_charset_conversion_failure option [database] Ignore, Warning, Error Ignore
optimization_goal option [database] First-row or All-rows All-rows
optimization_level option [database] 0-15 9
optimization_workload option [database]Mixed, OLAPMixed
pinned_cursor_percent_of_cache option [database] Integer, between 0-100 10
post_login_procedure [database]StringEmpty string
precision option [database] Integer, between 1 and 127, inclusive 30
prefetch option [database] Off, Conditional, Always Conditional
preserve_source_format option [database] On, Off On
prevent_article_pkey_update option [database] [MobiLink client] On, Off On
read_past_deleted option [database] On, Off On
recovery_time option [database] Integer, in minutes 2
remote_idle_timeout option [database] Integer, in seconds 15
request_timeout option [database] Integer (0 through 86400, in seconds) 0
return_date_time_as_string option [database] On, Off Off
rollback_on_deadlock [database] On, Off On
row_counts option [database] On, Off Off
scale option [database] Integer, between 0 and 127, inclusive, and less than the value specified for the precision database option 6
secure_feature_key [database]StringNULL
sort_collation option [database] Internal, collation_name, or collation_id Internal
subsume_row_locks option [database] On, Off On
suppress_tds_debugging option [database] On, Off Off
synchronize_mirror_on_commit option [database]On, OffOff
tds_empty_string_is_null option [database] On, Off Off
temp_space_limit_check option [database] On, Off On
time_zone_adjustment option [database] Integer, or negative integer enclosed in quotation marks, or string, representing time in hours and minutes, preceded by + or -, enclosed in quotation marks Set by either the client's or the server's time zone, depending on the client's connection type
truncate_timestamp_values option [database] [MobiLink client] On, Off Off
truncate_with_auto_commit option [database] On, Off On
updatable_statement_isolation option [database]0, 1, 2, 30
update_statistics option [database] On, Off On
user_estimates option [database] Enabled, Disabled, Override-Magic Override-Magic
uuid_has_hyphens option [database] On, Off On
verify_password_function option [database]StringEmpty string
wait_for_commit option [database] On, Off Off
webservice_namespace_host option [database] NULL, hostname-string NULL