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SQL Anywhere MIB server properties

The following table lists OIDs and names of the database server properties that can be retrieved using the SQL Anywhere SNMP Extension Agent.

Writable properties are marked with an asterisk (*). The value n is the database number in the sasnmp.ini file.

For more information about the database server properties, see Database-level properties.

OID Type Name Property String srvPropInternal Internal String srvPropCharSet CharSet String srvPropCommandLine CommandLine String srvPropCompactPlatformVer CompactPlatformVer String srvPropCompanyName CompanyName String srvPropConnsDisabled* ConnsDisabled String srvPropConsoleLogFile ConsoleLogFile String srvPropDefaultCollation DefaultCollation String srvPropIdleTimeout IdleTimeout String srvPropIsIQ IsIQ String srvPropInternal Internal String srvPropIsNetworkServer IsNetworkServer String srvPropIsRuntimeServer IsRuntimeServer String srvPropInternal Internal String srvPropLanguage Language String srvPropLegalCopyright LegalCopyright String srvPropLegalTrademarks LegalTrademarks String srvPropLicenseCount LicenseCount String srvPropLicensedCompany LicensedCompany String srvPropLicensedUser LicensedUser String srvPropLicenseType LicenseType String srvPropLivenessTimeout* LivenessTimeout String srvPropMachineName MachineName String srvPropMaxMessage MaxMessage String srvPropMessageWindowSize MessageWindowSize String srvPropName Name String srvPropNativeProcessorArchitecture NativeProcessorArchitecture String srvPropNumPhysicalProcessors NumPhysicalProcessors String srvPropInternal Internal String srvPropOmniIdentifier OmniIdentifier String srvPropPageSize PageSize String srvPropPlatform Platform String srvPropPlatformVer PlatformVer String srvPropProcessCPU ProcessCPU String srvPropProcessCPUSystem ProcessCPUSystem String srvPropProcessCPUUser ProcessCPUUser String srvPropProcessorArchitecture ProcessorArchitecture String srvPropProductName ProductName String srvPropProductVersion ProductVersion String srvPropQuittingTime* QuittingTime String srvPropRememberLastStatement* RememberLastStatement String srvPropRequestFilterConn RequestFilterConn String srvPropRequestFilterDB RequestFilterDB String srvPropRequestLogFile* RequestLogFile String srvPropRequestLogging* RequestLogging String srvPropRequestLogMaxSize RequestLogMaxSize String srvPropStartTime StartTime String srvPropTempDir TempDir String srvPropMultiProgrammingLevel MultiProgrammingLevel String srvPropTimeZoneAdjustment TimeZoneAdjustment LastServerProperty