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Error messages sorted by SQL Anywhere SQLCODE


Error Message


Encryption has not been enabled


Unable to start database \"%1\": NCHAR collation or tailoring not supported on this platform


Unable to start database \"%1\": CHAR collation or tailoring not supported on this platform


The Remote Data Services feature is not supported on this platform


The mirror '%1' does not match database '%2'


Triggers cannot be created on materialized view '%1'


Invalid trigger type for view '%1'


Maximum row size for table '%1' would be exceeded


The attribute '%1' sets an option '%2' that is incompatible with '%3'


The '%1' attribute is missing a comma within '%2'


The '%1' attribute contains mismatched parentheses within '%2'


Start date/time for non-recurring event '%1' is in the past


Positioned update operation attempted on a view with an INSTEAD OF trigger


Operation failed because table or view '%1' has an INSTEAD OF trigger


Conflicting INSTEAD OF trigger and WITH CHECK OPTION on view '%1'


The dbicu library and server versions do not match


Invalid mime type '%1'


Exceeded maximum of '%1' allowable parameters


Not enough free space on device to grow dbspace '%1' by requested amount


The dbspace '%1' cannot be dropped because it contains tables or indexes


The '%1' property is no longer supported


Cannot change the MobiLink remote id when the status of the last upload is unknown


A row cannot be stored because it exceeds the database page size


Collation '%1' not supported on this platform


Table '%1' contains an invalid reference to the ROWID function


Invalid setting for SOAP header '%1'


Correlation name '%1' is not valid for use with the ROWID function


Specified file system volume not found for database '%1'


Information for synchronization was not provided


Synchronization process was unable to re-enter synchronization


Unable to perform requested operation since this database uses keyless encryption


Unable to access the filesystem on the device


Too many references to a BLOB


Too many publications specified in publication mask


The specified publication mask is invalid


Too many users in database


No partial download was found


Unable to retry download because upload is not finished


Column '%1' not part of any indexes in its containing table


The operation failed because column '%1''s type does not support streaming


Transact-SQL outer joins are currently disabled


A tracing connection is already active


ATTACH TRACING could not connect to the tracing database


The specified http header is malformed


The specified http header contains illegal or non-ASCII characters


The http header '%1' is reserved and cannot be modified


The size of the character column, variable, or value data type exceeds 32767


The method you attempted to invoke was not enabled for your application


Constraint '%1' violated: Invalid value in table '%2'


Function '%1' has invalid parameter '%2' ('%3')


Invalid commit action for shared temporary table


ATTACH TRACING TO LOCAL DATABASE cannot be used with a strongly encrypted database


Could not refresh tracing: volatile_statistics have to be collected in order for %1 specified on row %2 to be collected


Write access was denied


Duplicate key column (%1)


Use of feature '%1' is not allowed


Could not refresh tracing: failed to find object %1 on row %2


Could not refresh tracing: invalid tracing specification on sa_diagnostic_tracing_level row %1


Could not refresh tracing: at least one enabled tracing level must be specified


Cannot revoke these permissions while user '%1' is actively replicating transactions


Backup is unable to open database file '%1'


Cycle in computed column dependencies


Cannot use materialized view '%1' because it has not yet been initialized


dbicu libraries are required but not installed


Failed to convert from character set '%1' to '%2'


Login mode '%1' not permitted by login_mode setting


'%1' cannot be used as the NCHAR collation: only UCA and UTF8BIN may be used


'%1' is not a valid character set encoding for use with collation '%2'


The %1 algorithm is not available in FIPS mode


Kerberos logins are not supported


Kerberos login failed


Default dbspace '%1' not found


File system error: %1


Attempt to use snapshot isolation in a non-snapshot transaction


Update conflict on snapshot transaction


Unable to start database %1: Cannot use read-only mode if auditing is enabled


Statement not allowed during snapshot


Table created or altered after start of snapshot


Operation conflict with publication type


BACKUP clause '%1' conflicts with '%2'


Snapshot isolation disabled or pending


'%1' is an invalid value for '%2'


Cannot update materialized view because option '%1' has an inappropriate setting


Cannot create materialized view because option '%1' has an inappropriate setting


Cannot return NULL result as requested data type


This database does not support encrypted tables


Illegal column definition: %1


Invalid backup parameter value


Invalid password: %1


Request interrupted due to timeout


Cannot add a comment to a table declared as LOCAL TEMPORARY


Materialized View '%1' not found


Cannot use view '%1' because it is invalid


Cannot connect to mirror server. Use server name '%1' to find the primary server


Cannot use view '%1' because it has been disabled


Cannot drop or modify object '%1' because at least one other object ( %2 '%3') depends upon it


The DBN/DBF parameters do not match the database for this alternate server name


LOAD TABLE not permitted on mirrored database


The '%1' attribute is not valid with procedure type '%2'


Unable to start database server: Server fatal error


Syntax error near '%1' -- Automatically updatable materialized view definition may not use the following construct: '%2'


Syntax error near '%1' -- Materialized view definition may not use the following construct: '%2'


Secure HTTP connections are not supported on this platform


Support for materialized views is not available for this database


Connection attempting BACKUP has uncommitted transactions


Service type does not allow '%1' attribute


USING attribute cannot coexist with FORMAT or GROUP attributes


Duplicate attribute '%1' in service


Unsupported property '%1' in service USING attribute


Missing value for attribute '%1' in service


Invalid value for attribute '%1' in service


Invalid backup operation


Unable to start specified database: Cannot use log file '%1' since it is shorter than expected


Unable to start specified database: Cannot use log file '%1' since the database file has been used more recently


Unable to start specified database: Cannot use log file '%1' since the offsets do not match the offsets in the database file


Unable to start specified database: '%1': transaction log file not found


Unable to start specified database: Cannot use log file '%1' since it has been used more recently than the database file


Unable to start specified database: '%1' must be upgraded to start with this server (capability %2 missing)


Unable to start specified database: Unknown encryption algorithm


Unable to start specified database: '%1' not expecting any operations in transaction log


Unable to start specified database: The transaction log '%1' or its mirror '%2' is invalid


Unable to start specified database: '%1' is an invalid transaction log mirror


Unable to start specified database: '%1' is an invalid transaction log


Unable to start specified database: '%1' is not a valid database file


Unable to start specified database: '%1' was created by a different version of the software


Unable to start specified database: '%1' is not a database


Too many distinct group mappings for integrated user


The option '%1' is not recognized


Parameter '%1' in procedure or function '%2' does not have a default value


Temporary space limit exceeded


Invalid request log format on line %1


Cannot close a remote JDBC connection that is not the current connection


Local connection ID does not refer to the current database


Specified local connection ID not found


Warning detected when optimizing SELECT INTO is treated as an error


Too many arguments for function or procedure '%1'


LOAD TABLE not allowed on temporary table with ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS


The specified listener could not be registered


Clause '%1' has invalid attribute '%2'


The secure connection to the remote host failed: %1


NAMESPACE attribute is not valid with procedure type '%1'


Invalid response from the HTTP server


Invalid procedure subtype '%1' for type '%2'


Invalid procedure type '%1'


Could not initialize the encryption DLL: '%1'


HTTP request failed. Status code '%1'


Connection timed out


Unable to connect to the remote host specified by '%1'


The URI '%1' is invalid


Output file cannot be written


Directory for output file does not exist


Could not load the encryption DLL \"%1\


Incorrect volume ID for '%1'


File I/O failed for '%1'


The string is too long (%1)


Database page size too small: %1


Checksums are not enabled in this database


Invalid hint specified for table '%1'


Required operators excluded


User '%1' already has EXECUTE permission


Backup file '%1' already exists


Composite ORDER BY not allowed with RANGE


Window function requires ORDER BY


Window function used in predicate


Password contains an illegal character


Argument to GROUPING aggregate must be a grouping column in the GROUP BY clause


Input string is not base64-encoded


Decompression error: %1


Compression error: %1


Password cannot be longer than %1 characters


Invalid preceding or following size in OLAP function


Information for synchronization is incomplete or invalid, check '%1'


This connection already exists


The database '%1' was not found


A schema upgrade is not currently allowed


The status of the last synchronization upload is unknown


Cannot access schema file '%1'


Frame not allowed for window '%1'


ORDER BY not allowed in window '%1'


PARTITION BY not allowed in reference to window '%1'


Window '%1' not found


Result set not permitted in '%1'


Recursive column %1: conversion from '%2' to '%3' loses precision


Too many expressions in GROUP BY list for ROLLUP, CUBE, or GROUPING SETS operation


No workload capture currently exists


A workload capture (%1) is already in progress


jConnect does not support encryption


Invalid setting for HTTP header '%1'


Invalid setting for HTTP option '%1'


Recursion is not allowed without the RECURSIVE keyword


Invalid reference to or operation on constraint '%1'


Too many constraints in database


Unable to start specified database: Log file error


Unable to start specified database: Server must be upgraded to start database %1


A log is required for IQ databases


Service definition requires a statement when authorization is off


(no message)


Constraint '%1' not found


Constant expressions may not appear in GROUP BY clause


Service statement definition is inconsistent with service type


Host variable reference in service definition must be named


Invalid service name '%1'


Service '%1' in use


Too many recursive iterations


No column list for recursive query


Invalid recursive query


Service '%1' not found


Service '%1' already exists


A user name must be specified if AUTHORIZATION is Off


'%1' is an unrecognized service type


Service type required for CREATE SERVICE


Cycle in common table expression references


A transaction log file is required for auditing


Insufficient memory for OPENXML query


Control character in XML output


System command failed with return code %1


Invalid operation on a closed object


No name for argument


XMLGEN evaluation failure


Invalid XQuery constructor


Illegal ORDER BY in aggregate function


CDATA has a name


Too few columns


Undeclared tag ID: '%1'


Parent not open: '%1'


Illegal column name: '%1'


Unknown FOR XML EXPLICIT directive: '%1'


Illegal FOR XML EXPLICIT tag value: '%1'


Cannot delete PUBLIC option '%1' since user settings exist


Encryption error: %1


Plan can not be generated for this type of statement


Illegal flags value passed to OPENXML


XPath parser error: %1


Cannot convert between requested character sets '%1' and '%2'


Statement size or complexity exceeds server limits


Statement contains an illegal usage of the non-deterministic function '%1'


XML parser error: %1


Virtual index creation with more than %1 columns


Character conversion error or warning report is not available when the single-byte converter is used


Character substitution was required when converting from %1 to %2


An invalid multi-byte input character was encountered when converting from %1 to %2


Index '%1' can not be clustered


SETUSER not allowed in procedures, triggers, events, or batches


Client out of memory


There is no way to join to '%1'


Column must be named: %1


%1 returned multiple result sets


%1 does not return a result set


The database needs to be restarted for this Java related command


Cannot convert between requested character set '%1' and database character set '%2'


Database server cannot convert data from/to character set '%1'


'%1' is an unknown character set encoding label


Cannot change synchronization user_name when status of the last upload is unknown


%1 returned a result set with a different schema than expected


Key constraint between temporary tables requires a primary key (not unique constraint)


Statement contains an illegal usage of the NUMBER(*) function


Grouped query contains more than one distinct aggregate function


The aggregate expression '%1' must appear in either the select list or a HAVING clause subquery


Aggregated expression '%1' contains multiple columns of which one or more are outer references


At least one of the specified dbspaces was not calibrated


CREATE/DROP STATISTICS statement cannot refer to virtual tables


Synchronization failed due to an error on the server: %1


Invalid sqllen field in SQLDA


Trigger name '%1' is ambiguous


Function or column reference to '%1' in the ORDER BY clause is invalid


Cursor not in a valid state


Table name '%1' is ambiguous


Decryption error: %1


Tables related by key constraint must both be permanent, or both be temporary and not created with ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS


Referential integrity actions other than RESTRICT not allowed for temporary tables


Exception occurred while loading Java SecurityManager


Java SecurityManager class not found: %1


SET clause for column '%1' used incorrectly


Owner '%1' used in a qualified column reference does not match correlation name '%2'


Cannot find synchronization definition with the name '%1'


Cannot find synchronization user with the name '%1'


JDK '%1' is not a supported JDK


The JDK version in '%1' does not match '%2'


Incorrect or missing encryption key


Download failed because of conflicts with existing rows


TLS initialization on server failed


Trigger or foreign key for table '%1' is no longer valid


Procedure '%1' is no longer valid


Event '%1' in use


Column '%1' not found in table '%2'


Row in table '%1' was modified or deleted in BEFORE trigger


Connection error: %1


Definition for alias '%1' must appear before its first reference


Alias '%1' is not unique


TLS handshake failure


A conflict with the dbmlsync download phase was detected


Database upgrade not possible; user tables have table ids in system table range


Database upgrade not possible; RowGenerator table not owned by user dbo


Previous error lost prior to RESIGNAL


Illegal reference to correlation name '%1'


Cannot handle expressions involving remote tables inside stored procedures


Table '%1' is already included


Dbspace for table '%1' not found


Invalid scroll position '%1'


Table '%1' is part of a synchronization definition


The external function call is incompatible


Too many temporary tables in connection


Specified database file already in use


Cannot update column '%1' since it does not appear in the SELECT clause


Cannot update column '%1' since it appears in the ORDER BY clause


FOR UPDATE has been incorrectly specified for a READ ONLY cursor


The select list for the derived table '%1' has no expression to match '%2'


JAR '%1' not found


Java class '%1' not found


Synchronization option is too long


An internal error was generated by the test harness


Host variables may not be used within a batch


System event type '%1' not found


Synchronization option '%1' not found


Unable to reenlist transaction; DTC may be down


Unable to enlist transaction; DTC may be down


Cannot enlist in a transaction with uncommitted data pending


Cannot enlist in a transaction while already enlisted in a transaction


Cannot commit or rollback while enlisted in a transaction


DTC transactions are not supported on this platform


Synchronization option '%1' contains semi-colon, equal sign, or curly brace


Synchronization server failed to commit the upload


Invalid start date/time for event '%1'


Invalid time '%1' for event '%2'


Invalid day of week or month '%1' for event '%2'


Cannot register connection to '%1' since automatic label exhausted


Cannot register '%1' since registration cookie exhausted


Another connection has already registered as '%1'


Current connection is already registered to '%1' as '%2'


Cannot deregister '%1' since active registered connection exists


Cannot deregister application because of invalid cookie


Cannot register connection because of invalid application cookie


Cannot register another '%1' as an exclusive application


Cannot register '%1' since another exclusive instance is running


Cannot update primary key for table '%1' involved in a publication


Cannot create synchronization entry for table '%1' with BLOB primary key


Must include primary key for table '%1' in the synchronization


Cannot synchronize table '%1' since it does not have a primary key


Schedule '%1' for event '%2' already exists


Schedule '%1' for event '%2' not found


Event '%1' already exists


Event '%1' not found


Cannot modify publication entry using ALTER SYNCHRONIZATION


Cannot modify synchronization entry using ALTER PUBLICATION


Cannot subscribe to '%1'


Cannot find synchronization subscription with the name '%1'


View references '%1', which is a temporary object. Views can only refer to permanent objects


Synchronization message type '%1' not found


Server not found and unable to autostart


'%1' is not a public Java reference, and cannot be referenced from SQL


'%1' is not a public Java class, and cannot be referenced from SQL


Server capability name '%1' could not be found in the database


Invalid SQL identifier


SQLDA data type invalid


The database does not support the Java Virtual Machine


Modifications not permitted for read-only database


Cannot uniquely identify column '%2' of table '%1' in the current JDBC resultset


You cannot synchronize or upgrade with uncommitted transactions


Parse error: %1


The JDBC resultset must be positioned on an insert row in order to use the '%1' function


Cannot call the '%1' function on a JDBC resultset when it is positioned on an insert row


User owns tables in use


User owns procedures in use


Feature not available with UltraLite


Invalid JDBC resultset concurrency


Invalid JDBC resultset type


Cannot allocate System V resources


Cannot initialize IQ memory manager: %1


Invalid IQ database command line option or parameter value: %1


Seek absolute 0 was attempted on a JDBC SAResultSet


JDBC SAStatement batch execute abandoned


The communications environment could not be created


db_init has not been called or the call to db_init failed


Password must be at least %1 characters


Signature '%1' does not match procedure parameters


The data type of column '%1' is not supported


Invalid parameter


Cannot update or delete an all-NULL row from table '%1'


Number of columns allowing NULLs exceeds limit


Creating remote tables with computed columns is not supported


Cannot drop a user that owns objects involved in replication


Invalid JAR file


The specified foreign key (%1) can not be enforced


Update operation attempted on non-updatable remote query


The optimizer was unable to construct a valid access plan


The table specification '%1' identifies more than one remote table


Identity attribute mismatch for column '%1'


NULL attribute mismatch for column '%1'


The length specified for column '%1' is different than the actual length


The column '%1' does not exist in the remote table


The data type specified for column '%1' is not compatible with the actual data type


VALIDATE statement must refer to a base table


RESTORE unable to start database '%1'


RESTORE unable to write to file '%1'


RESTORE unable to open file '%1'


Backup file format is invalid


Contents of backup files are inconsistent


Invalid operation on a closed '%1'


An internal error occurred in a '%1'


External login for server '%1' could not be found


Incorrect database store DLL (%1) version


Invalid comparison


Computed columns are not supported in this database


READTEXT or WRITETEXT statement cannot refer to a view


Statement is not allowed in passthrough mode


Remote server does not have the ability to support this statement


Return type of void from procedure '%1' cannot be used in any expression


Cannot create an index on Java class '%1'


Cannot insert or update computed column '%1'


TRUNCATE TABLE statement cannot be used on a view


Cannot access instance member through a class


SQLDA fields inconsistent for a multi-row SQLDA


Cannot update member fields qualified with \"final\" modifier


The remote server does not support an auto-incrementing data type


Error during backup: %1


Invalid operation on a closed '%1'


An internal error occurred in a '%1'


Could not change an opened prepared statement or callable statement


JDBC feature '%1' not supported


Could not execute backup/restore DLL (%1) entry point


Could not load the backup/restore DLL \"%1\


Return value cannot be set


Input parameter index out of range


Strongly-encrypted database files are not supported in the runtime server


Syntax error, cannot specify IQ specific options without specifying IQ PATH


Insufficient cache to start Java Virtual Machine


Resource governor for '%1' exceeded


Rollback occurred due to deadlock during prefetch


The cursor name '%1' already exists




Invalid join type used with Transact-SQL outer join


Invalid expression in WHERE clause of Transact-SQL outer join


Not enough memory is allocated to the Java Virtual Machine for remote access


Index name '%1' is ambiguous


Table '%1' has a foreign key with a referential action


The specified transaction isolation is invalid


Java Virtual Machine could not be started, '%1' could not be found


Statement's size limit is invalid


Database upgrade not possible


Database upgrade failed


Parameter not registered as output parameter


Invalid class byte code


Method '%1' cannot be called at this time


Cursor is restricted to FETCH NEXT operations


Could not access column information for the table '%1'


The remote table '%1' could not be found


Database \"%1\" needs recovery


Database is active


Cannot deserialize Java object


Cannot serialize Java object with class '%1'


Backward scrolling cursors are not supported for remote objects


Server '%1': %2


Remote server '%1' could not be found


Remote server '%1' is currently configured as read only


Unable to connect, server definition is circular


Unable to connect to server '%1': %2


Error parsing connection parameter string


The connection parameters file could not be found


Cannot remove class '%1': member of JAR


Could not decompress class '%1' from JAR


An attempt to delete database '%1' failed


Index type specification of '%1' is invalid


Field '%1' of class '%2' cannot be NULL


Cannot create item (%1) in the specified dbspace


Could not execute store DLL (%1) entry point


Could not load the store DLL \"%1\


Database creation failed: %1


Invalid database page size


UNLOAD TABLE cannot be used to unload a view


Invalid SQL descriptor name


Error in assignment


Invalid descriptor index


Parameter name missing in call to procedure '%1'


Right truncation of string data


Duplicate insert column


Duplicate referencing column


GRANT of column permission on view not allowed


Unterminated C string


Update operation attempted on a read-only cursor


WITH CHECK OPTION violated for insert/update on base table '%1'


RAISERROR executed: %1


Invalid escape sequence '%1'


Invalid escape character '%1'


Division by zero


Disallowed language extension detected in syntax near '%1' on line %2


A thread used internally could not be started


Too many parameters to this external procedure call


Expression has unsupported data type


Data definition statements not allowed in procedures or triggers


Could not allocate resources to call external function


Could not find '%1' in dynamic library '%2'


Could not load dynamic library '%1'


Need a dynamic library name


Mismatch between external function platform specifier and current operating system


Calling functions outside the database server is not supported


Too many columns in table


Parameter '%1' not found in procedure '%2'


Cannot drop a user that owns messages or data types


User-defined type '%1' not found


User message %1 not found


Transact-SQL feature not supported


User message %1 already exists


Invalid data type for column in WRITETEXT or READTEXT


Invalid TEXTPTR value used with WRITETEXT or READTEXT


Cannot stop the database server


The pattern is too long


The server attempted to access a page beyond the end of the maximum allowable dbspace file size


A dbspace has reached its maximum file size


Cannot access file '%1' -- %2


'%1' is not a known file format for loading or unloading tables


The login ID '%1' has not been mapped to any database user ID


User '%1' already has membership in group '%2'


Internal rollback log corrupted


Memory error -- transaction rolled back


Connection was terminated


All threads are blocked


Deadlock detected


I/O error %1 -- transaction rolled back


Disk full '%1' -- transaction rolled back


Disk write failure '%1' -- transaction rolled back


Terminated by user -- transaction rolled back


Internal database error %1 -- transaction rolled back


Run time SQL error -- %1


Statement interrupted by user


Attempted two active database requests


User-defined exception signaled


Error number %1 for RAISERROR may not be less than 17000


Cannot uniquely identify rows in cursor


Format string argument number %1 is invalid


Multiple consolidated users cannot be defined


Remote statement failed


Passthrough statement inconsistent with current passthrough


Remote message type '%1' not found


User '%1' is not a remote user for this database


User '%1' is already the publisher for this database


Subscription to '%1' for '%2' not found


Subscription to '%1' for '%2' already exists


Table '%1' has publications


Publication '%1' not found


Triggers and procedures not supported in runtime server


Procedure or trigger calls have nested too deeply


COMMIT/ROLLBACK not allowed within trigger actions


Invalid REFERENCES clause in trigger definition


Trigger definition conflicts with existing triggers


Cannot drop a user that owns procedures in runtime server


Cannot delete or rename a column referenced in a trigger definition


Trigger '%1' not found


COMMIT/ROLLBACK not allowed within atomic operation


Procedure '%1' not found


Wrong number of variables in FETCH


Invalid absolute or relative offset in FETCH


Label '%1' not found


There is already a variable named '%1'


Variable '%1' not found


Foreign key '%1' for table '%2' duplicates an existing foreign key


Identifier '%1' too long


The login ID '%1' is already mapped to user ID '%2'


Cannot map a login ID to the sys or public user ID


The integrated login ID guest can only be mapped to the guest database user ID


Integrated logins are not supported for this database


Integrated login failed


Transaction log was truncated


Unable to delete database file


Incomplete transactions prevent transaction log renaming


Database backup not started


Unknown backup operation


Client/database server version mismatch


sqlpp/dblib version mismatch


Result set not allowed from within an atomic compound statement




Savepoint '%1' not found


Authentication failed


The option '%1' cannot be set from within a procedure


The option '%1' can only be set as a temporary option


Procedure in use by '%1'


Table in use


Savepoints require a rollback log


CHECKPOINT statement requires a rollback log


Not allowed while '%1' is using the database


User '%1' has the row in '%2' locked


Constraint '%1' violated: Invalid value for column '%2' in table '%3'


Row has changed since last read -- operation canceled


Wrong number of values for INSERT


Integrated logins are required, standard logins are not permitted


Integrated logins are not permitted


Only the DBA can set the option '%1'


Cannot set a temporary option for user '%1'


Only PUBLIC settings are allowed for option '%1'


Invalid setting for option '%1'


Invalid option '%1' -- no PUBLIC setting exists


INSERT/DELETE on cursor can modify only one table


Primary key for row in table '%1' is referenced by foreign key '%2' in table '%3'


No current row of cursor


Index '%1' for table '%2' would not be unique


Column '%1' in table '%2' cannot be NULL


No primary key value for foreign key '%1' in table '%2'


Primary key for table '%1' is not unique


Update operation attempted on non-updatable query


Cannot modify column '%1' in table '%2'


Cannot update an expression


Unable to find in index '%1' for table '%2'


Not enough values for host variables


Illegal cursor operation attempt


Subquery cannot return more than one row


SELECT returns more than one row


Column '%1' in table '%2' cannot be NULL. The invalid data was supplied to load table in a data file on line %3


Cannot find index named '%1'


Not enough fields allocated in SQLDA


No indicator variable provided for NULL result


Cursor not open


Cursor already open


Error opening cursor


Cursor has not been declared


Java VM heap exhausted at internal function: %1


Namespace heap exhausted at internal function: %1


Derived table '%1' has no name for column %2


Cannot convert %1 to a %2. The bad value was supplied for column '%3' on row %4 of the data file


Invalid type on DESCRIBE statement


Can only describe a SELECT statement


Invalid column number


Value %1 out of range for destination


Cannot convert %1 to a %2


Invalid expression near '%1'


Invalid host variable


Wrong number of parameters to function '%1'


Select lists in UNION, INTERSECT, or EXCEPT do not match in length


Invalid ORDER BY specification


Subquery allowed only one select list item


Invalid use of an aggregate function


Function or column reference to '%1' must also appear in a GROUP BY


Unknown function '%1'


There is more than one way to join '%1' to '%2'


There is no way to join '%1' to '%2'


Foreign key name '%1' not found


Column '%1' found in more than one table -- need a correlation name


Column '%1' not found


Correlation name '%1' not found


Table '%1' not found


User ID '%1' does not exist


More than one table is identified as '%1'


Dbspace '%1' not found


Table '%1' requires a unique correlation name


Table '%1' is in an outer join cycle


Language extension


Feature '%1' not implemented


Invalid prepared statement type


SQL statement error


Syntax error near '%1' %2


Invalid statement


Cannot drop a user that owns tables in runtime system


Cannot alter a column in an index


Table cannot have two primary keys


ALTER clause conflict


More columns are being dropped from table '%1' than are defined


User '%1' is not a user group


Operation would cause a group cycle


Permission denied: %1


User '%1' already has GRANT permission


Primary key column '%1' already defined


Table '%1' has no primary key


Table must be empty


Number of columns defined for the view does not match SELECT statement


Column '%1' in foreign key has a different definition than primary key


Table already has a primary key


Index name '%1' not unique


Item '%1' already exists


There are still active database connections


Connection not found


Error writing to transaction log file


Cannot open transaction log file -- %1


Database cannot be started -- %1


Invalid user ID or password on preprocessed module


Invalid user ID or password


Database server connection limit exceeded


Not connected to a database


Database server not found


Connections to database have been disabled


Authentication violation


Database page size too big: %1


Database server already running


Parse error: %1


Invalid type for field reference


Class '%1' has no public field '%2'


'%1' is not a valid class file


Procedure '%1' terminated with unhandled exception '%2'


Argument %1 of procedure '%2' cannot be NULL


Database server not running in multi-user mode


Client/server communications protocol version mismatch


Database name required to start server


Not enough memory to start


Communication error


Specified database is invalid


Specified database not found


Unable to start specified database: %1


Invalid database server command line


Unable to start database server


Invalid local database option


Dynamic memory exhausted


Database name not unique


Request denied -- no active databases


Request to start/stop database denied


The selected database is currently inactive


No database file specified


(no message)


Row not found


Value truncated


Using temporary table


Invalid data conversion


Row has been updated since last time read


Procedure has completed


Value for column '%1' in table '%2' has changed


Language extension detected in syntax near '%1' on line %2


Null value eliminated in aggregate function


Transaction log backup page only partially full


Statement cannot be executed


More information required


Database option '%1' for user '%2' has an invalid setting


Character set conversion to '%1' cannot be performed; '%2' is used instead


Database server cannot convert data from/to character set '%1', conversion may not be correct


Language '%1' is not supported, '%2' will be used


Unsupported character set '%1' and unsupported language '%2'; language used is '%3' instead


Illegal user selectivity estimate specified


Unable to open backup log '%1'


'%1' is an unknown option


Cursor option values changed


The result returned is non-deterministic


Invalid data conversion: NULL was inserted for column '%1' on row %2


An invalid multi-byte input character was encountered when converting from %1 to %2


Character substitution occurred when converting from %1 to %2


Plan may contain virtual indexes


A row was dropped because it could not be converted to the new schema format


Cannot output the histogram for string column '%1'


UltraLite connection was restored


UltraLite cursor (or result set or table) was restored


The database was created


Row was dropped from table %1 to maintain referential integrity


Publication predicates were not evaluated


Option '%1' specified more than once


Encryption has not been enabled


Warning: %1


The ICU collation '%1' has defaulted