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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » SQL Anywhere 10 - Error Messages » MobiLink Communication Error Messages

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Alphabetic list of error messages

A certificate has expired
A secure stream has FIPS explicitly disabled, but the -fips option is in effect
A userid and password are required for HTTP authentication
A userid and password are required for HTTP proxy authentication
ActiveSync provider has not been installed
ActiveSync synchronization cannot be initiated by an application
An end read failed
An end write failed
An error occurred during shutdown
An error status was returned: '%1!s!'
An unexpected character was read while parsing the chunk length. %1!s!
Automatic dialup is not supported on this machine
Client id is not available for use in HTTP header
Connection attempt timed out
Could not open %1!s! for write
ECC encryption is not FIPS-compliant
Error parsing HTTP header: %1!s!
Error reading from the trusted certificate file '%1!s!'
Expected data from remote but current request is not a POST
Extra data found in the HTTP body: %1!s!
Failed dialing to %1!s!
Failed to import a certificate from the system certificate store
Failed to load library %1!s!
Failed to open system certificate store
Failed to read CR LF
Failed to read encoded chunk length
Failed to read encoded CR LF
Feature not implemented
Function %1!s! could not be found
Handshake error
HTTP Authentication failed
HTTP Proxy Authentication failed
HTTP server authentication failed
Internal error (%1!s)
Internal error: %1!s! returned %2!ld!
Internal protocol not loaded: %1!s!
Invalid compression type: %1!s!
Invalid HTTP character
Invalid liveness timeout value %1!s!. The value must be between zero and 65535
Invalid local path %1!s! for the downloaded file
Invalid or corrupt network interface library: %1!s!
Invalid parameter '%1!s!'
Invalid port number %1!s!. The value must be between zero and 65535
Invalid root certificate
Invalid synchronization protocol: %1!s!
Malformed session cookie (ML_SESSION_ID) value: %1!s!
Missing parameter: %1!s!
Network interface library version mismatch. Expecting version %1!u!.%2!u!, but found version %3!u!.%4!u!
No certificate found in system certificate store
No error or unknown error
No password was supplied
No server certificate password was provided
No server certificate was provided
No trusted certificates found in %1!s!
No trusted root certificates were provided
No userid was supplied
Operation interrupted
Parameter value '%1!s!' is not a valid boolean value. The value must be 0 or 1
Parameter value '%1!s!' is not a valid hexadecimal value
Parameter value '%1!s!' is not an unsigned integer value or range. A range has the form NNN-NNN
Parameter value '%1!s!' is not an unsigned integer
Password specified for an unencrypted server key
Protocol error
Server certificate not trusted
Server error %1!s!
The content type '%1!s!' is unknown
The host name '%1!s!' could not be found
The HTTP buffer size specified is out of the valid range
The operation would cause blocking
The session key type '%1!s!' is unknown
The value specified for %1!s! is out of range
Timed out trying to read %1!s! bytes
Timed out trying to write %1!s! bytes
Timed out while waiting for the next HTTP request in this synchronization
Unable to add a certificate to a certificate chain
Unable to add a trusted certificate
Unable to allocate a certificate
Unable to allocate sufficient memory
Unable to attach the network layer to the security layer
Unable to bind a socket to port %1!s!
Unable to clean up the socket layer
Unable to close a socket
Unable to connect a socket
Unable to copy a certificate
Unable to create a private key object
Unable to create a random number object
Unable to create a TCP/IP socket
Unable to create a UDP socket
Unable to dequeue from the connection queue
Unable to determine localhost
Unable to duplicate security context
Unable to fetch a certificate expiry date
Unable to find the trusted certificate file '%1!s!'
Unable to generate a random number
Unable to get a socket's local name
Unable to get host by address
Unable to get socket option number %1!s!
Unable to import a certificate
Unable to initialize the random number generator
Unable to initialize the sockets layer
Unable to listen on a socket. The backlog is %1!s!
Unable to load the network interface library
Unable to open certificate file '%1!s!'
Unable to parse cookie: '%1!s!'
Unable to parse the parameter string '%1!s!'
Unable to read %1!s! bytes
Unable to read certificates
Unable to read the private key
Unable to seed the random number generator
Unable to select a socket status
Unable to set socket option number %1!s!
Unable to set the private key
Unable to shut down a socket
Unable to write %1!s! bytes
Unexpected HTTP state %1!u! when decoding the header
Unexpected internal HTTP request type %1!u!
Unexpected request type: %1!s!
Unknown transfer encoding: '%1!s!'
Unrecognized common name '%1!s!'
Unrecognized organization '%1!s!'
Unrecognized organization unit '%1!s!'
Unrecognized TLS type %1!s!
Unsupported http authentication algorithm: %1!s!
Unsupported HTTP version: %1!s!