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ODBC Configuration dialog: DBMLSync tab

This tab provides options for the dbmlsync SQL Anywhere client synchronization utility.

The DBMLSync tab of the ODBC Configuration dialog has the following components:

Publication    Type the name of the publication that is to be synchronized.

If there is only one publication in your database, you do not need to enter anything in this field.

ML password    Type the MobiLink password for user authentication. If you have not entered a password, you must enter one here. If you are being prompted for a password, this is likely the only field you need to complete. The password is case sensitive.

Change password    Select this option to change the MobiLink password when synchronization occurs. Unless you are changing the MobiLink password, leave the checkbox blank.

Extended option    Supply extended options to customize synchronization. You can supply schedule specifications and other extended options. For a list of available extended options, click the Extended Option Help button. This field is optional.

Site script    Type the name of the script to be executed after synchronization. This field is optional. You can click Browse to locate the site script.

Retry on remote progress    If the consolidated and client databases have different information about the last synchronization, you can select this option to retry the upload operation.

By default, uploads continue from the offset recorded by the consolidated database. If you select Retry on Remote Progress, the upload continues from the offset recorded in the client database as long as the offset recorded in the consolidated database is ahead of that at the client database.

If, in addition, you select Remote is Ahead, the upload is retried starting from the offset recorded in the client database even if the offset recorded in the client database is ahead of that recorded in the consolidated database. This option should be used with care. If the offset mismatch is the result of a restore of the consolidated database, changes that happened in the client database in the gap between the two recorded offsets are lost. The Remote is Ahead option may be useful when the client database transaction log has been truncated after the last successful synchronization.

Verbose operation    Select this option to record debugging and other diagnostic information in a log file. This field is optional.

Drop conflicting connections    Synchronization requires access to all rows on the tables to be synchronized. Select this option to force connections with locks on these tables to be dropped. This field is optional.

Cmdline help    Each of the options on the DBMLSync tab has an equivalent command line option. Click Cmdline Help to view a list of options and their description.

Extended option help    Click Extended Option Help to view a list of the names, default values, and descriptions of available extended options. You can also supply these options in the Extended Option field to customize synchronization.