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Connect to MobiLink Server dialog

This dialog lets you connect to a running MobiLink server. A Monitor connection is like a synchronization connection to the MobiLink server in that most of the parameters are the same. You must use parameters that are compatible with the MobiLink server's settings. For all MobiLink Monitor sessions, the script version is set to for_MLMonitor_only.

The Connect to MobiLink Server dialog has the following components:

User    Type the name of the MobiLink user for the connection. If you started the MobiLink server with -zu+, then it doesn't matter what user ID you supply.

Password    Type a password for the connection. This must be the correct password for the MobiLink user you specify. Leave this field blank if the MobiLink user does not have a password.

Host    The network name or IP address of the computer on which the MobiLink server is running. By default, it is the computer where the Monitor is running. You can use localhost if the MobiLink server is running on the same computer as the Monitor.

Protocol    Select the communications stream protocol to be used for the connection. This protocol and port should be set to the same protocol and port as the MobiLink server is using for synchronization requests.

Additional protocol options    Specify optional network parameters in this field. The allowed values depend on the connection stream type.

The following table lists the parameters you can specify. These parameters are supported by all connection streams (TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTTPS), except where noted otherwise.




HTTP and HTTPS only. The maximum body size for a fixed content length message, in bytes. Changing the option increases or decreases the amount of memory allocated for sending content. The default is 65535.



A range of client ports for communication. If only one value is specified, the end of the range is 100 greater than the initial value, for a total of 101 ports.

The option can be useful for clients inside a firewall communicating with a MobiLink server outside the firewall.

persistent={ 0 | 1 }

HTTP and HTTPS only. 1 (True) means that the client attempts to use the same TCP/IP connection for all HTTP requests in a synchronization. A setting of 0 (False) is more compatible with intermediate agents. The default is 0.

Note: You should only set persistent to 1 if you are connecting directly to a MobiLink server. If you are connecting through an intermediate agent such as a proxy or redirector, a persistent connection may cause problems.


HTTP and HTTPS only. The host name of the proxy server.

proxy_port= proxy_portnumber

HTTP and HTTPS only. The port number of the proxy server. The default value is 80.


HTTP and HTTPS only. The suffix to add to the URL on the first line of each HTTP request. When synchronizing through a proxy server or the MobiLink redirector, the suffix may be necessary in order to find the MobiLink server. The default value is MobiLink.

version= versionnumber

HTTP and HTTPS only. A string specifying the version of HTTP to use. You have a choice of 1.0 or 1.1. The default value is 1.1.

For more information about these network parameters, see MobiLink Client Network Protocol Options.

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