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Loading assemblies

A .NET assembly is a package of types, metadata, and executable code. In .NET applications, all code must be in an assembly. Assembly files have the extension .dll or .exe.

There are the following types of assemblies:

Before MobiLink can load a class and call a method of that class, it must locate the assembly that contains the class. MobiLink only needs to locate the assembly that it calls directly. The assembly can then call any other assemblies it needs.

For example, MobiLink calls MyAssembly, and MyAssembly calls UtilityAssembly and NetworkingUtilsAssembly. In this situation, MobiLink only needs to be configured to find MyAssembly.

MobiLink provides the following ways to load assemblies:

With the -MLDomConfigFile option, only assemblies that are specified in the domain configuration file can be called directly from event scripts.

Sample domain configuration file

A sample domain configuration file called mlDomConfig.xml is installed with MobiLink. You can write your own file from scratch, or edit the sample to suit your needs. The sample file is located in the SQL Anywhere path, in


Following is the content of the sample domain configuration file mlDomConfig.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config xmlns="iAnywhere.MobiLink.mlDomConfig" xsi:schemaLocation='iAnywhere.MobiLink.mlDomConfig mlDomConfig.xsd' xmlns:xsi='' >
      <assembly name="Assembly1" />
      <assembly name="Assembly2" />
      <assembly name="Assembly3" />
      <assembly name="Assembly4" />

Following is an explanation of the contents of mlDomConfig.xml:

For more information about the mlsrv10 option -sl dnet, see -sl dnet option.