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IBM DB2 UDB consolidated database

MobiLink supports IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix, and Windows. MobiLink does not support IBM DB2 for AS/400 or mainframe.

To set up DB2 to work as a MobiLink consolidated database, you must run a setup procedure that adds MobiLink system tables, stored procedures, triggers, and views that are required for MobiLink synchronization. There are multiple ways you can do this:

The database user who runs the setup script is the only user who will have permission to change the MobiLink system tables, which is required for configuring MobiLink applications.

To run the DB2 setup script
  1. To install MobiLink system tables using the setup script, an IBM DB2 UDB tablespace must use a minimum of 8 KB pages. If a tablespace does not use 8 KB pages, complete the following steps:

  2. Customize syncdb2long.sql with your connection information:

    1. Copy syncdb2long.sql to a new location where it can be modified and stored.

    2. The syncdb2long.sql script contains a default connection statement, connect to DB2Database. Alter this line to connect to your DB2 database. Use the following syntax:

      connect to DB2Database user userid using password ~

      where DB2Database, userid, and password are names you provide. (The syncdb2long.sql script uses the tilde character (~) as a command delimiter.)

  3. Run syncdb2long.sql:

    db2 -c -ec -td~ +s -v -f syncdb2long.sql
  4. Copy SyncDB2Long_1000.class and, which are located in the MobiLink\setup subdirectory of your SQL Anywhere installation, to the FUNCTION subdirectory of your DB2 UDB installation.

ODBC driver

You must set up an ODBC DSN for your DB2 consolidated database using the ODBC driver that is provided with your DB2 database. See:

DB2 UDB issues
Isolation level

See MobiLink isolation levels.