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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » MobiLink - Server Administration » MobiLink Server System Tables

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This table is used only for QAnywhere applications. It contains messages that are to be sent to a QAnywhere client using SQL Anywhere version 9.0.1.


Do not alter this table.




BIGINT. Used to give a total ordering to the messages, this is necessary for true queuing.

VARCHAR(255). Primary key. Globally unique message identifier.

destination VARCHAR(128). The address of the message.
originatorVARCHAR(128). The name of the originating MobiLink user.
statusVARCHAR(128). The status of the message. Can be pending, receiving, received, unreceivable, expired, or cancelled. The default is pending.
statustimeTIMESTAMP. The last time the status was changed.
expiresTIMESTAMP. Expiry time after which the message will not be delivered.
priorityINTEGER. A number from 0 to 9. Messages with a higher number will always be delivered before messages with a lower number. The default is 4.
propsLONG BINARY. An encoding of the message properties.
kindINTEGER. Indicates whether the message is binary (1) or text (2).
contentLONG BINARY. The content of the message. Text messages are encoded as UTF-8.
contentsizeBIGINT. The size of the message. For binary messages, this is the number of bytes. For text messages, this is the number of characters.
mluserVARCHAR(128). The MobiLink user name that uniquely identifies a remote database.