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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » MobiLink - Server Administration » MobiLink Server System Tables

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This table stores state information for each remote.



ridINTEGER. Primary key. This column references the rid column of the ml_database table. This value is the remote ID and it uniquely identifies a database.

VARCHAR(128). Primary key. The subsciption_id is a number that is generated by a remote database. For SQL Anywhere clients, this value is the same as the sync_id in the SYS.ISYSSYNC system table.

UltraLite clients do not use subscriptions, so for UltraLite clients, this value is the UltraLite publication ID for version 10.0.0 and up, and <unknown> for versions 8 and 9.


INTEGER. This column references the user_id column of the ml_user table. This value indicates the user who performed the last synchronization for the given rid and subscription_id. You can use the user_id column to find the MobiLink user who ran the last successful synchronization.


NUMERIC(20,0). This column stores the synchronization progress, also called the offset, state, sequence number, or progress counter.


VARCHAR(128). This column stores the user-defined name for the publication that is subscribed to by the subscription. In every synchronization, the client sends the publication name for each subscription_id.

For UltraLite clients prior to version 10.0.0, this is always <unknown>; for UltraLite version 10 and higher, it is the publication or the string ul_no_pub if there is no publication.


TIMESTAMP. This column indicates the last time an upload was applied to the consolidated database for a given remote ID and subscription_id. The default is January 1, 1900, 00:00:00.


TIMESTAMP. This column indicates the last time a download was applied to the consolidated for a given user and subscription_id. The default is January 1, 1900, 00:00:00.


In SQL Anywhere clients, the progress refers to a position in the transaction log of the remote database. It indicates the point to which all committed operations for the subscription have been uploaded from the database. The dbmlsync utility uses the offset to decide what data to upload. On the SQL Anywhere remote database, the offset is stored in the progress column of the SYS.ISYSSYNC system table.


In UltraLite clients, the progress is the synchronization sequence number or progress counter for the given publication. This counter indicates what rows have been synchronized. It is incremented every time the publication synchronizes. This number is used internally in the UltraLite database and cannot be accessed.

See The progress counter.

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