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-w option

Sets the number of database worker threads.


mlsrv10 -c "connection-string" -w count ...


Each worker thread accepts synchronization requests one at a time.

Each worker thread uses one connection to the consolidated database. The MobiLink server opens one additional connection for administrative purposes. Hence, the minimum number of connections from the MobiLink server to the consolidated database is count + 1.

The number of database worker threads has a strong influence on MobiLink synchronization throughput, and you need to run tests to determine the optimum number for your particular synchronization setup. The number of worker threads determines how many synchronizations can be active in the consolidated database simultaneously; the rest will be queued waiting for worker threads to become available. Adding worker threads should increase throughput, but it will also increase the possibility of contention between the active synchronizations. At some point adding more worker threads will decrease throughput, because the increased contention outweighs the benefit of overlapping synchronizations.

The value set for this option is also the default setting for the -wu option, which can be used to limit the number of threads that can simultaneously upload to the consolidated database. This is useful if the optimum number of worker threads for downloading is larger than the optimum number for uploading. The best throughput may be achieved with a large number of worker threads (via -w) with a small number allowed to apply uploads simultaneously (via -wu). In general, the optimum number for -wu depends on the consolidated database, and is relatively independent of the processing or network speeds for the remote databases. Therefore, when you increase the number of threads with -w, you may want to use -wu to restrict the number that can upload simultaneously. For more information, see -wu option.

The default number of worker threads is 5.

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