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ProgressIndex event

The ProgressIndex event is triggered when dbmlsync updates its progress bar.


Public Event ProgressIndex(_
ByVal index As Integer, _
ByVal max As Integer _
Member of DbmlsyncCOM.Dbmlsync


index    An integer representing the progress of the synchronization.

max    The maximum progress value. The percentage done = index/max x 100. If this value is zero, the maximum value has not changed since the last time the event was fired.


Use this event to update a progress indicator such as a progress bar.


The following Visual Basic .NET example updates a progress bar control based on the Index value. The maximum index value is set at the beginning of the synchronization.

Private Sub dbmlsync1_ProgressIndex(
 ByVal index As Integer,
 ByVal max As Integer
Handles dbmlsync1.ProgressIndex

    If max <> 0 Then
        ProgressBar1.Maximum = max
    End If
    ProgressBar1.Value = index

End Sub