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NoSyncOnStartup (nss) extended option

Prevents dbmlsync from synchronizing on startup when a scheduling option would otherwise cause that to happen.


nss={ on | off }; ...


This option has an effect only when a schedule is used with the EVERY or INFINITE clause. These scheduling options cause dbmlsync to automatically synchronize on startup.

The default is off.

When you set NoSyncOnStartup to on and use a schedule with the INFINITE clause, a synchronization does not occur until a window message is received.

When you set NoSyncOnStartup to on and use a schedule with the EVERY clause, the first synchronization after startup occurs after the amount of time specified in the EVERY clause.

This setting does not affect the behavior of the schedule in any way other than at dbmlsync startup.

This option has a short form and long form: you can use nss or NoSyncOnStartup.

You can also store extended options in the database. For more information about dbmlsync extended options, see Introduction to dbmlsync extended options.

See also

The following partial dbmlsync command line illustrates how you can set this option when you start dbmlsync:

dbmlsync -e "schedule=EVERY:01:00;nss=off"...

The following SQL statement illustrates how you can store this option in the database:

   TO sales_publication
   FOR ml_user1
   OPTION nss='off', schedule='EVERY:01:00';