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DisablePolling (p) extended option

Disables automatic logscan polling.


p={ ON | OFF }; ...


To build an upload, dbmlsync must scan the transaction log. Usually it does this just before synchronization. However, when synchronizations are scheduled, dbmlsync by default scans the log in the time between scheduled synchronizations; and when the sp_hook_dbmlsync_delay hook is used, dbmlsync by default scans the log in the pause that occurs just before synchronization. This behavior is more efficient because the log is already at least partially scanned when synchronization begins. This default behavior is called logscan polling.

Logscan polling is on by default but only has an effect when synchronizations are scheduled or when sp_hook_dbmlsync_delay hook is used. When in effect, polling occurs at set intervals: dbmlsync scans to the end of the log, waits for the polling period, and then scans any new transactions in the log. By default, the polling period is 1 minute, but it can be changed with the dbmlsync -pp option or the PollingPeriod extended option.

The default is to not disable logscan polling (OFF).

This option is identical to dbmlsync -p.

This option has a short form and long form: you can use p orDisablePolling.

You can also store extended options in the database. For more information about dbmlsync extended options, see Introduction to dbmlsync extended options.

See also

The following dbmlsync command line illustrates how you can set this option when you start dbmlsync:

dbmlsync -e "p=on"

The following SQL statement illustrates how you can store this option in the database:

   TO sales_publication
   FOR ml_user1
   OPTION p='on';