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Use this stored procedure to cancel the synchronization process.

Rows in #hook_dict table




abort synchronization (in|out)

true | false

If you set the abort synchronization row of the #hook_dict table to true, then dbmlsync terminates immediately after the event.

publication_n (in)


The publications being synchronized, where n is an integer. There is one publication_n entry for each publication being uploaded. The numbering of n starts at zero.

MobiLink user (in)

MobiLink user name

The MobiLink user for which you are synchronizing.

exit code (in|out)


When abort synchronization is set to TRUE, you can use this value to set the exit code for the aborted synchronization. 0 indicates a successful synchronization. Any other number indicates that the synchronization failed.

script version (in|out)

script version name

The MobiLink script version to be used for the synchronization.


If a procedure of this name exists, it is called at dbmlsync startup, and then again after each synchronization delay that is caused by the sp_hook_dbmlsync_delay hook.

If the hook requests an abort by setting the abort synchronization value to true, the exit code is passed to the sp_hook_dbmlsync_process_exit_code hook. If no sp_hook_dbmlsync_process_exit_code hook is defined, the exit code is used as the exit code for the program.

Actions of this procedure are committed immediately after execution.

See also

The following procedure prevents synchronization during a scheduled maintenance hour between 19:00 and 20:00 each day.

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_hook_dbmlsync_abort()
  DECLARE down_time_start TIME;
  DECLARE is_down_time VARCHAR(128);
  SET down_time_start='19:00';
  IF datediff( hour,down_time_start,now(*) ) < 1

    set is_down_time='true';
    SET is_down_time='false';
  UPDATE #hook_dict
  SET value = is_down_time
  WHERE name = 'abort synchronization'

Suppose you have an abort hook that may abort synchronization for one of two reasons. One of the reasons indicates normal completion of synchronization, so you want dbmlsync to have an exit code of 0. The other reason indicates an error condition, so you want dbmlsync to have a non-zero exit code. You could achieve this with an sp_hook_dbmlsync_abort hook defined as follows.

   IF [condition that defines the normal abort case] THEN
      UPDATE #hook_dict SET value =  '0'
   WHERE name = 'exit code';
      UPDATE #hook_dict SET value =  'TRUE'
   WHERE name = 'abort synchronization';
   ELSEIF [condition that defines the error abort case] THEN
      UPDATE #hook_dict SET value =  '1'
   WHERE name = 'exit code';
      UPDATE #hook_dict SET value =  'TRUE'
   WHERE name = 'abort synchronization';
   END IF;