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Use this stored procedure to add custom actions after dbmlsync has verified receipt of the upload by the MobiLink server.

Rows in #hook_dict table




failure cause (in)

See range of values in Remarks, below

The cause of failure of an upload. For more information, see Description.

upload status (in)

retry | committed | failed | unknown

Specifies the status returned by the MobiLink server when dbmlsync attempted to verify receipt of the upload.

retry - The MobiLink server and dbmlsync had different values for the log offset from which the upload should start. The upload was not committed by the MobiLink server. The dbmlsync utility will attempt to send another upload starting from a new log offset.

committed - The upload was received by the MobiLink server and committed.

failed - The MobiLink server did not commit the upload.

unknown - Dbmlsync was started with the -tu option, causing transaction-level uploads. For each transaction that is uploaded, the sp_hook_dbmlsync_upload_begin and sp_hook_dbmlsync_upload_end hooks are called and the upload status value is unknown - each time except the last one.

publication_n (in)


The publications being synchronized, where n is an integer. There is one publication_n entry for each publication being uploaded. The numbering of n starts at zero.

MobiLink user (in)

MobiLink user name

The MobiLink user for which you are synchronizing.

script version (in)

script version name

The MobiLink script version to be used for the synchronization.

authentication value (in)value

This value is generated by the authenticate_user, authenticate_user_hashed, or authenticate_parameters script on the server. The value is an empty string when the upload status is unknown or when the upload_end hook is called after an upload is resent because of a conflict between the log offsets stored in the remote and consolidated databases.


If a procedure of this name exists, it is called immediately after dbmlsync has sent the upload and received confirmation of it from the MobiLink server.

Actions of this procedure are committed immediately after execution.

The range of possible parameter values for the failure cause row in the #hook_dict table includes:

See also

Assume you use the following table to log synchronization events on the remote database.

   "event_name"       VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL ,
   "ml_user"            VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "event_time"         TIMESTAMP NULL,
   "table_name"         VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "upsert_count"       VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "delete_count"       VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "exit_code"          INTEGER NULL ,
   "status_retval"      VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "pubs"                VARCHAR(128) NULL ,
   "sync_descr "         VARCHAR(128) NULL , 
     PRIMARY KEY ("event_id"),

The following example logs the MobiLink user and current timestamp after dbmlsync verifies that the MobiLink server has received the upload.

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_hook_dbmlsync_upload_end ()
 DECLARE status_return_value VARCHAR(255);

 -- store status_return_value
  SELECT #hook_dict.value
  INTO status_return_value
  FROM #hook_dict
  WHERE = 'upload status';

   INSERT INTO SyncLog (event_name, ml_user,
     status_retval, event_time)
   SELECT 'upload_end', #hook_dict.value,
     status_return_value, CURRENT TIMESTAMP
  FROM #hook_dict
  WHERE name = 'MobiLink user';