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an_upgrade_db structure

Holds information needed to upgrade a database using the DBTools library.

typedef struct an_upgrade_db {
    unsigned short      version;
    const char *        connectparms;
    const char *        _unused1;
    MSG_CALLBACK        errorrtn;
    MSG_CALLBACK        msgrtn;
    MSG_CALLBACK        statusrtn;
    a_bit_field         quiet           : 1;
    a_bit_field         _unused2        : 1;
    const char *        _unused3;
    a_bit_field         _unused4        : 1;
    a_bit_field         jconnect        : 1;
    a_bit_field         _unused5        : 1;
    a_bit_field         _unused6        : 1;
    const char *        _unused7;
} an_upgrade_db;
Member Description
version DBTools version number.

Parameters needed to connect to the database. They take the form of connection strings, such as the following:


The database server would be started by the connection string START parameter. For example:


A full example connection string including the START parameter:


For a list of connection parameters, see Connection parameters.

errorrtn Callback routine for handling an error message.
msgrtn Callback routine for handling an information message.
statusrtn Callback routine for handling a status message.
quiet Operate without printing messages (1), or print messages (0).
jconnect Upgrade the database to include jConnect procedures.
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