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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » SQL Anywhere Server - Programming » Deploying Databases and Applications » Deploying administration tools » Deploying administration tools on Windows without InstallShield

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Step 2: Copying the required files

The administration tools require a specific directory structure. You are free to put the directory tree in any directory, on any drive. Throughout the following discussion, C:\SA10 is used as the example installation folder. The software must be installed into a directory tree structure having the following layout:

SA10The root folder. While the following steps assume you are installing into C:\SA10, you are free to put the directory anywhere (for example, C:\Program Files\SQLAny10).
SA10\javaHolds Java program JAR files.
SA10\win32 Holds the native 32-bit Windows components used by the program, including the programs that launch the applications.
SA10\Sun\JavaHelp-1_1 The JavaHelp runtime library.
SA10\Sun\JAXB1.0 The Java Architecture for XML Binding.
SA10\Sun\jre150 The Java Runtime Environment.

The Java-based administration tools are 32-bit applications. There are no 64-bit versions. The 32-bit administration tools can be deployed on the Windows x64-based platform.

Itanium 64

There are no Java-based administration tools available for deployment on the Itanium (ia64) platform. However, there is a native version of Interactive SQL which is not as feature-rich as the Java version. See Deploying dbisqlc.

The following table lists the files required for each of the software bundles. Make a list of the files you need, and then copy them into the directory structure outlined above. In general, you should take the files from an already-installed copy of SQL Anywhere.

FileInteractive SQLSybase Central with the SQL Anywhere plug-inSybase Central with the MobiLink plug-inSybase Central with the QAnywhere plug-inSybase Central with the Ultralite plug-inSQL Anywhere Console
docs\en\htmlhelp\dbma[en]10.chm XXXXXX
c:\windows\system32\keyHH.exe 1 XXXXXX
java\dbma[en]10.jar XXXXXX
java\jodbc.jar X X XXX X
java\JComponents1001.jar XXXXXX
java\jlogon.jar X X XXX X
java\SCEditor500.jar XXXXXX
java\jsyblib500.jar XXXXXX
win32\jsyblib500.dll XXXXXX
Sun\JavaHelp-1_1\jh.jar XXXXXX
Sun\jre150\... XXXXXX
win32\dblib10.dll XXXXXX
win32\dbjodbc10.dll XXXXXX
win32\dbodbc10.dll XXXXXX
win32\dbcon10.dll XXXXXX
win32\dblg[en]10.dll XXXXXX
win32\dbtool10.dll XXX
win32\dbisql.exe X
win32\dbisqlg.exe X
win32\dbisql.cls X
java\isql.jar XXX X
Sybase Central 5.0.0\win32\scjview.exe XXXX
Sybase Central 5.0.0\win32\scjview.cls XXXX
Sybase Central 5.0.0\win32\scjlg[en].dll XXXX
Sybase Central 5.0.0\scvw[en]500.chm XXXX
Sybase Central 5.0.0\scvw[en]500.jar XXXX
Sybase Central 5.0.0\sybasecentral500.jar XXXX
java\salib.jar XXXX
java\saplugin.jar X
java\debugger.jar X
win32\dbput10.dll XX
java\apache_files.txt XX
java\apache_license_1.1.txt XX
java\apache_license_2.0.txt XX
java\log4j.jar XX
java\mlplugin.jar X
win32\dbconsole.exe X
java\DBConsole.jar X

1The exact name of the Windows system directory differs depending on which operating system you are using.

The table above shows a number of files with the designation [en]. These files are available in a number of different languages with English (en) being just one of them. For more information, see the following section International message and help files.

Some file paths above end with "...". This indicates that the entire tree, including subdirectories, should be copied.

The administration tools require JRE 1.5.0_10. You should not substitute a later patch version of the JRE unless you have a specific need to do so. Copy the JRE files from an installed copy of SQL Anywhere 10 from the C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 10\Sun\jre150 directory. Copy the entire jre150 tree, including subdirectories.

For reference, the SQLAnywhere.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the SQL Anywhere plug-in of Sybase Central.

The MobiLink.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the MobiLink plug-in of Sybase Central.

The QAnywhere.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the QAnywhere plug-in of Sybase Central. When deploying the QAnywhere plug-in, dbinit is required. For information on deploying database tools, see Deploying database utilities.

The Ultralite.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the UltraLite plug-in of Sybase Central.

International message and help files

All displayed text and online help for the administration tools is translated from English into French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The resources for each language are held in separate files. The English files contain en in the file names. French files have similar names, but use fr instead of en. German file names contain de, Japanese file names contain ja, and Chinese files contain zh.

If you want to install support for different languages, you have to add the resource and help files for those other languages. The translated files are as follows:

dbma??10.jar - SQL Anywhere Help Files
dbmaen10.jar   English
dbmafr10.jar   French
dbmade10.jar   German
dbmaja10.jar   Japanese
dbmazh10.jar   Chinese
dblg??10.res - SQL Anywhere Messages Files
dblgen10.res   English
dblgfr10.res   French
dblgde10.res   German
dblgja10.res   Japanese
dblgzh10.res   Chinese
scvw??500.jar - Sybase Central Help Files
scvwen500.jar  English
scvwfr500.jar  French
scvwde500.jar  German
scvwja500.jar  Japanese
scvwzh500.jar  Chinese

These files are included with localized versions of SQL Anywhere.