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SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 » SQL Anywhere Server - Programming » Deploying Databases and Applications » Deploying administration tools » Deploying administration tools on Linux/Unix/Mac OS X

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Step 2: Copying the required files

Your installer should copy a subset of the files that are installed by the SQL Anywhere installer. You must keep the same directory structure. All files must be installed below the /opt/sqlanywhere10/ directory.

You should preserve the permissions on the files when you copy them from your reference SQL Anywhere installation. In general, all users and groups are allowed to read and execute all files.

The following table lists the files required for each of the software bundles. Make a list of the files you need, and then copy them into the directory structure outlined above. In general, you should take the files from an already-installed copy of SQL Anywhere.

FileInteractive SQLSybase Central with the SQL Anywhere plug-inSybase Central with the MobiLink plug-inSybase Central with the QAnywhere plug-inSQL Anywhere Console
java/dbma[en]10.jar XXXXX
java/jodbc.jar XXXXX
java/JComponents1001.jar XXXXX
java/jlogon.jar XXXXX
java/SCEditor500.jar XXXXX
java/jsyblib500.jar XXXXX
lib32/ XXXXX
sun/javahelp-1_1/jh.jar XXXXX
jre_1.5.0_linux_sun_i586/... (Linux only) XXXXX
jre_1.5.0_solaris_sun_sparc/... (Solaris only) XXXXX
lib32/ XXXXX
lib32/ X X XX X
lib32/ X X XX X
lib32/ XXXXX
lib32/ XXXXX
res/dblg[en]10.res XXXXX
lib32/ XXX
bin32/dbisql XX
java/isql.jar XXX
sybcentral500/scjview XXX
sybcentral500/scvw[en]500.jar XXX
sybcentral500/sybasecentral500.jar XXX
java/salib.jar XXX
java/saplugin.jar X
java/debugger.jar X
lib32/ X
java/apache_files.txt XX
java/apache_license_1.1.txt XX
java/apache_license_2.0.txt XX
java/log4j.jar XX
drivers/... X
bin32/dbconsole X
java/DBConsole.jar X

The table above shows a number of files with the designation [en]. For Linux, these files are available in a number of different languages with English (en) being just one of them. For more information, see the following section International message and help files.

Some file paths above end with "...". This indicates that the entire tree, including subdirectories, should be copied.

Note that on Mac OS X, shared objects have a .dylib extension, and symlink (symbolic link) creation is not necessary.

The administration tools require JRE 1.5.0_10. You should not substitute a later patch version of the JRE unless you have a specific need to do so. Not all platform versions of the JRE are bundled with SQL Anywhere. The platforms that are included with SQL Anywhere support Linux on x86/x64 and Solaris SPARC. Other platforms versions must be obtained from the appropriate vendor. Copy the entire jre150 tree, including subdirectories.

If the platform that you require is included with with SQL Anywhere, copy the JRE files from an installed copy of SQL Anywhere 10. Copy the entire tree, including subdirectories.

The sqlanywhere.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the SQL Anywhere plug-in of Sybase Central.

The mobilink.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the MobiLink plug-in of Sybase Central.

The qanywhere.jpr file contains a list of the required component files for the QAnywhere plug-in of Sybase Central. When deploying the QAnywhere plug-in, dbinit is required. For information on deploying database tools, see Deploying database utilities.

All five bundles in the table above require a number of links to be created. The following sections provide details.

Base component files

All five bundles require the links listed in this section.

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib: -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10:

jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_linux_sun_i586 (Linux)
jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_solaris_sun_sparc (Solaris)
shared -> /opt/sqlanywhere10 
Interactive SQL files

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib: -> ->
Sybase Central with the SQL Anywhere plug-in

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib: -> -> ->

Create the following links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/sybcentral500:

jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_linux_sun_i586 (Linux)
jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_solaris_sun_sparc (Solaris)
Sybase Central with the MobiLink plug-in

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib: -> -> ->

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/sybcentral500:

jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_linux_sun_i586 (Linux)
jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_solaris_sun_sparc (Solaris)
Sybase Central with the QAnywhere plug-in

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib: ->

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/sybcentral500:

jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_linux_sun_i586 (Linux)
jre150 -> /opt/sqlanywhere10/jre_1.5.0_solaris_sun_sparc (Solaris)
The SQL Anywhere Console

Create the following symbolic links in /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib:   ->
International message and help files

For Linux systems only, all displayed text and online help for the administration tools have been translated from English into German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The resources for each language are in separate files. The English files contain en in the file names. German file names contain de, Japanese file names contain ja, and Chinese files contain zh.

If you want to install support for different languages, you have to add the resource and help files for those other languages. The translated files are as follows:

dbma??10.jar - SQL Anywhere Help Files
dbmaen10.jar   English
dbmade10.jar   German
dbmaja10.jar   Japanese
dbmazh10.jar   Chinese
dblg??10.res - SQL Anywhere Messages Files
dblgen10.res   English
dblgde10.res   German
dblgja10.res   Japanese
dblgzh10.res   Chinese
scvw??500.jar - Sybase Central Help Files
scvwen500.jar  English
scvwde500.jar  German
scvwja500.jar  Japanese
scvwzh500.jar  Chinese

These files are included with localized versions of SQL Anywhere.