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bool sqlanywhere_identity( resource link_identifier )

bool sqlanywhere_insert_id( resource link_identifier )


Returns the last value inserted into an IDENTITY column or a DEFAULT AUTOINCREMENT column, or zero if the most recent insert was into a table that did not contain an IDENTITY or DEFAULT AUTOINCREMENT column.

The sqlanywhere_insert_id function is provided for compatibility with MySQL databases.


link_identifier    A link identifier returned by sqlanywhere_connect or sqlanywhere_pconnect.


The ID generated for an AUTOINCREMENT column by a previous INSERT statement or zero if last insert did not affect an AUTOINCREMENT column. The function can return false if the link_identifier is not valid.


This example shows how the sqlanywhere_identity function can be used to retrieve the autoincrement value most recently inserted into a table by the specified connection.

if( sqlanywhere_execute( $conn, "INSERT INTO my_auto_increment_table VALUES ( 1 ) " ) ) {
      $insert_id = sqlanywhere_insert_id( $conn );
      echo "Last insert id = $insert_id";
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