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Enumerating client message store properties

The QAnywhere .NET, C++, and Java APIs can provide an enumeration of predefined and custom client message store properties.

.NET example

See GetStorePropertyNames method.

// qaManager is a QAManager instance.
IEnumerator propertyNames = qaManager.GetStorePropertyNames();
C++ example

See beginEnumStorePropertyNames function.

// qaManager is a QAManager instance.
qa_store_property_enum_handle handle = qaManager->beginEnumStorePropertyNames();
qa_char propertyName[256];
if( handle != qa_null ) {
  while( qaManager->nextStorePropertyName( handle, propertyName, 255 ) != -1 ) {
    // Do something with the message store property name.
  // Message store properties cannot be set after 
  // the beginEnumStorePropertyNames call
  // and before the endEnumStorePropertyNames call.
Java example

See getStorePropertyNames method.

// qaManager is a QAManager instance.
Enumeration propertyNames = qaManager.getStorePropertyNames();