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sa_disk_free_space system procedure

Reports information about space available for a dbspace, transaction log, transaction log mirror, and/or temporary file.


sa_disk_free_space( [ p_dbspace_name ] )

Result set
Column nameData typeDescription
dbspace_nameVARCHAR(128)This is the dbspace name, transaction log file, mirror log file, or temporary file.
free_spaceUNSIGNED BIGINTThe number of free bytes on the volume.

If the p_dbspace_name parameter is not specified or is NULL, then the result set contains one row for each dbspace, plus one row for each of the transaction log, transaction log mirror, and temporary file, if they exist. If p_dbspace_name is specified, then exactly one or zero rows are returned (zero if no such dbspace exists, or if log or mirror is specified and there is no log or mirror file).

For a list of the names of the pre-defined dbspaces for SQL Anywhere databases, see Pre-defined dbspaces.


DBA authority required

Side effects



The following example uses the sa_disk_free_space system procedure to return a result set containing information about available space.

CALL sa_disk_free_space( )
Transaction Log10952101888
Temporary File10952101888