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sa_index_density system procedure

Reports information about the amount of fragmentation within database indexes.


[ tbl_name
[, owner_name ] ]

Result set
Column nameData typeDescription
TableNameCHAR(128)The name of a table.
IndexNameCHAR(128)The name of an index.
IndexIdUNSIGNED INTEGERThe index ID. This column contains one of the following values:
  • 0  for primary keys

  • SYSFKEY.foreign_key_id  for foreign keys

  • SYSIDX.index_id  for all other indexes

IndexTypeCHAR(4)The index type. This column contains one of the following values:
  • PKEY  for primary keys

  • FKEY  for foreign keys

  • UI  for unique indexes

  • UC  for unique constraints

  • NUI  for non-unique indexes

LeafPagesUNSIGNED INTEGERThe number of leaf pages.
DensityNUMERIC(8,6) A fraction between 0 and 1 providing an indication of how full each index page is (on average).

Database administrators can use this procedure to obtain information about the degree of fragmentation in a database's indexes.

The procedure returns a result set containing the table name, the table ID, the index name, the index ID, the index type, the number of leaf pages, and the index's density.

If you do not specify parameters, the information for all tables appears. Otherwise, the procedure examines only the named table.

For indexes with a high number of leaf pages, higher density values are desirable.


DBA authority required

Side effects


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The following example uses the sa_index_density system procedure to return a result set summarizing the amount of fragmentation within database indexes.

CALL sa_index_density( );
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