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sp_remote_columns system procedure

Produces a list of the columns in a remote table, and a description of their data types.

The server must be defined with the CREATE SERVER statement to use this system procedure.


[, @table_owner
[, @table_qualifier] ]

Result set
Column nameData typeDescription
databaseCHAR(128)The database name.
ownerCHAR(128)The database owner name.
table-nameCHAR(128)The table name.
column-nameCHAR(128)The name of a column.
domain-idSMALLINTAn INTEGER which indicates the data type of the column.
widthSMALLINTThe meaning of this field depends on the data type. For character types width represents the number of characters.
scaleSMALLINTThe meaning of this field depends on the data type. For NUMERIC data types scale is the number of digits after the decimal point.
nullableSMALLINTIf null column values are allowed this field is 1. Otherwise nullable is 0.

If you are entering a CREATE EXISTING statement and you are specifying a column list, it may be helpful to get a list of the columns that are available on a remote table. sp_remote_columns produces a list of the columns on a remote table and a description of their data types. If you specify a database, you must either specify an owner or provide the value null.

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The following example returns columns from the SYSOBJECTS table in the production database on an Adaptive Server Enterprise server named asetest. The owner is unspecified.

CALL sp_remote_columns( 'asetest', 'sysobjects', null, 'production' );