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sp_remote_imported_keys system procedure

Provides information about remote tables with primary keys that correspond to a specified foreign key.

The server must be defined with the CREATE SERVER statement to use this system procedure.


, @sp_name
[, @sp_owner
[, @sp_qualifier ] ]

Result set
Column nameData type Description
pk_databaseCHAR(128)The database containing the primary key table.
pk_ownerCHAR(128)The owner of the primary key table.
pk_tableCHAR(128)The primary key table.
pk_columnCHAR(128)The name of the primary key column.
fk_databaseCHAR(128)The database containing the foreign key table.
fk_ownerCHAR(128)The foreign key table's owner.
fk_tableCHAR(128)The foreign key table.
fk_columnCHAR(128)The name of the foreign key column.
key_seqSMALLINTThe key sequence number.
fk_nameCHAR(128)The foreign key name.
pk_nameCHAR(128)The primary key name.

Foreign keys reference a row in a separate table that contains the corresponding primary key. This procedure allows you to obtain a list of the remote tables with primary keys that correspond to a particular foreign table. The sp_remote_imported_keys result set includes the database, owner, table, column, and name for both the primary and the foreign key, as well as the foreign key sequence for the foreign key columns. The result set may vary because of the underlying ODBC and JDBC calls, but information about the table and column for a primary key is always returned.



Side effects


See also

To get information about the tables with primary keys that correspond to a foreign key on the SYSOBJECTS table in the asetest server:

CALL sp_remote_imported_keys(
     @sp_qualifier='production' );