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SYSVIEW system view

Each row in the SYSVIEW system view describes a view in the database. Additional information about views can also be found in the SYSTAB system view. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSVIEW.

You can also use the sa_materialized_view_info system procedure for a more readable format of the information for materialized views. See sa_materialized_view_info system procedure.

Column name Column type Column constraint
mv_build_type TINYINT
mv_refresh_type TINYINT
mv_use_in_optimization TINYINT
mv_last_refreshed_at TIMESTAMP

view_object_id    The object ID of the view.

view_def    The definition (query specification) of the view.

mv_build_type    Currently unused.

mv_refresh_type    Currently unused.

mv_use_in_optimization    This column is for materialized views only, and indicates whether the materialized view can be used during query optimization (0=cannot be used in optimization, 1=can be used in optimization). See Enabling and disabling optimizer use of a materialized view.

mv_last_refreshed_at    This column is for materialized views only, and indicates the date and time of the last refresh.

mv_known_stale_at    This column is for materialized views only, and indicates the time at which the materialized view became known as stale. This value corresponds to the time at which one of the underlying base tables was detected as having changed. A value of 0 indicates that the view is either fresh, or that it has become stale but the database server has not marked it as such because the view has not been used since it became stale. Use the sa_materialized_view_info system procedure to determine the status of a materialized view. See sa_materialized_view_info system procedure.

Constraints on underlying system table

PRIMARY KEY (view_object_id)

FOREIGN KEY (view_object_id) references SYS.ISYSOBJECT (object_id) MATCH UNIQUE FULL

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