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Inserting documents and images

If you want to store documents or images in your database, you can write an application that reads the contents of the file into a variable, and supplies that variable as a value for an INSERT statement.

For more information about adding INSERT statements to applications, see How to use prepared statements, and SET statement.

You can also use the xp_read_file system function to insert file contents into a table. This function is useful if you want to insert file contents from Interactive SQL, or some other environment that does not provide a full programming language.

DBA authority is required to use this function.


In this example, you create a table, and insert an image into a column of the table. You can perform these steps from Interactive SQL.

  1. Create a table to hold some images.

    CREATE TABLE Pictures
       Filename VARCHAR(254),
       Picture LONG BINARY );
  2. Insert the contents of portrait.gif , in the current working directory of the database server, into the table.

    INSERT INTO Pictures ( Filename, Picture )
    VALUES ( 'portrait.gif',
       xp_read_file( 'portrait.gif' ) );
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