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Join algorithms

SQL Anywhere supports a variety of different join implementations that the query optimizer chooses from. Each of the join algorithms has specific characteristics that make it more or less suitable for a given query and a given execution environment.

The order of the joins in an access plan may or may not correspond to the ordering of the joins in the original SQL statement; the query optimizer is responsible for choosing the best join strategy for each query based on the lowest execution cost. In some situations, query rewrite optimizations may be utilized for complex statements that either increase, or decrease, the number of joins computed for any particular statement.

There are three classes of join algorithms supported by SQL Anywhere, though each of them has additional variants:

Hash Antisemijoin algorithm
Hash Join algorithm
Hash Semijoin algorithm
Merge Join algorithm
Nested Loops Join algorithm
Nested Loops Semijoin algorithm
Recursive Hash Join algorithm
Recursive Left Outer Hash Join algorithm